Morgan Wallen Meets Man Who Was Arrested Wearing His Mugshot T-Shirt, Inspires Him To Learn From His Mistakes

Morgan Wallen shared an Instagram story on Friday afternoon (July 8) that featured a snapshot of himself and a fan…


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July 8, 2022


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Morgan Wallen, Zach Horne; Photo via Instagram

Morgan Wallen shared an Instagram story on Friday afternoon (July 8) that featured a snapshot of himself and a fan wearing t-shirts with each other’s mugshots on them.

The fan, named Zachary Horne, wore a t-shirt with Wallen’s mugshot to the “Wasted On You” singer’s concert in New Hampshire, where he was arrested while wearing the shirt. Horne’s mugshot then appeared online and caught the attention of Wallen, prompting the East Tennessee native to react in his Instagram stories.

“We’ve all been there bub… wish I saw this sooner, I woulda bailed him out,” Wallen joked. 

After reacting online, Wallen had a member of his team reach out to invite him to his concert in Saratoga Springs, New York. Horne accepted the offer to attend the show and even got to meet Wallen and snap a photo with him backstage at the show.

A member of Wallen’s team named JJ posted about the moment the singer and Horne met via his Instagram stories. 

“@morganwallen heard about Zach’s story and asked me to find him and make sure he didn’t do anything too crazy,” JJ wrote. “After hearing his story, [we] realized he was a good kid who made a mistake and was embarrassed so we decided to change the narrative. What a great night lol been locked up a few times I don’t miss those nights,” he added.

Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories

In the photo, Wallen and Horne are standing side by side wearing T-shirts with each other’s mugshots on them. Horne also sported a cowboy hat while Wallen opted for a black baseball cap.

Horne reacted to meeting Wallen via his own Instagram feed, labeling the experience as “nothing short of life-changing.”

“Down and out a few weeks but had Morgan & his team to lift me up last night with a kick ass concert and experience,” Horne shared. “Learn from your mistakes and surround yourself with people who support you! Thanks for everything team Morgan,” he continued, adding an 🤙🏼 emoji and tagging Wallen, JJ, and Wallen’s photographer, David Lehr.

Horne, a 20-year-old from New Hampshire, was allegedly arrested for underage possession of alcohol and held at the Belknap County Jail in Laconia, according to The Smoking Gun

At the time of Horne’s arrest, he was wearing a T-shirt with Wallen’s mugshot. The mugshot was taken when Wallen was arrested in May of 2020 over alleged public intoxication and disorderly conduct at Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville. Wallen was not charged as a result of the incident.

Wallen recently opened up to SiriusXM The Highway’s Storme Warren about some of the tough times he’s been through in the past and what lessons he’s learned since.

“It got pretty dark for sure,” Wallen admitted. “You know, I’m a pretty, I feel like I’m a pretty resilient person and I’m a pretty happy person in, in general. But that was definitely a, a really difficult time, you know? But we tried to keep our, you know, my sight set on better things. And I feel like if we did the, you know, just stay true to who I knew I really was, that it would … we would come out all right.”

“I think I’m [as] happy as I’ve ever been. I can honestly say that. I’m just in a really good place mentally. I got my little boy. I got my family … Everything is really good for me right now. So, gratitude is at the top of my vocabulary,” he said.

In addition to posing for a photo with Horne, Wallen also recently surprised Brevin Guidroz, a 12-year-old fan he sent gifts to after the boy’s mom told Wallen her son could use some encouragement.

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