Morgan Wallen Video Shines a Light On Soldiers Struggling With PTSD In ‘Cover Me Up’ Video

Morgan Wallen; Photo by John Shearer
Morgan Wallen; Photo by John Shearer
Morgan Wallen; Photo by John Shearer

Morgan Wallen puts the lives of our nation’s heroes and their loved ones front-and-center in his emotionally charged, extended-length video for “Cover Me Up.” The 8:26-minute-clip, directed by Justin Clough and shot near Leipers Fork, TN, shows the impact post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can have on military members and their families.

In the video’s opening sequence, viewers are introduced to a male lead character who plays a war veteran struggling with PTSD. Upon reuniting with loved ones back home, he tries to return to normal life but finds himself relying on alcohol and other coping mechanisms to self-medicate the horrors he experienced in combat.


Although friends and family members try their best to comfort the young soldier, it’s clear his road to recovery is a lengthy one. By the end of the clip, it’s revealed that he’s making progress, as he’s seen lying on a hammock with his love interest wrapped up in his arms and sporting a medical band around his wrist.

“Cover Me Up,” originally penned by Jason Isbell for his wife, Amanda Shires, is featured on Isbell’s Grammy-award winning album, Southeastern. Wallen first covered the song back in 2018, and his version has since earned more than 20 million streams on Spotify.

“Every time I sing it, I don’t know, it makes me feel good. Every time I play it, you would think it was already a hit on the radio or something,” Wallen previously told Country Now of the song. “It’s just a moment, too, in my set. Everybody’s got their phones up, trying to document that part.”

It seems Wallen has brought new meaning to the song, which has already touched the hearts of many all over the nation.

Watch the clip above to see Morgan Wallen‘s extended video for “Cover Me Up.”

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