Nate Smith Releases The Breakup Song Of The Summer: ‘Whiskey On You’

Nate Smith just released his buzzed-about new track, “Whiskey On You,” and it’s destined to become his breakout hit.  Out…


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May 6, 2022

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Nate Smith; Photo by Matthew Berinato

Nate Smith just released his buzzed-about new track, “Whiskey On You,” and it’s destined to become his breakout hit. 

Out now, the song tells the familiar story of someone turning to alcohol to cope with a breakup. Finally, after too many wasted paychecks and too much time spent wallowing in self-pity, he decides it’s time to move on. Similar to the storyline of the Cole Swindell hit, “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey,” Smith declares he’s done wasting whiskey on his ex. 

Nate Smith - Whiskey On You
Nate Smith – Whiskey On You

“Ain’t gonna waste one more night missing, wanting you back/ No, I ain’t gonna cry another tear in this glass/ You didn’t waste any time finding somebody new/ So, I ain’t gonna waste another drop of whiskey on you/ No, I ain’t,” he sings on the chorus. 

“Whiskey On You” is already a hit on social media. Smith previously teased the song and received an overwhelming response with over 70,000 fan-created videos shared before the song’s official release. 

“I’ve been so excited to release this song because it really feels like a summer anthem!” Smith shared in a statement. “I’ve recently gone through some personal stuff, and this song was an avenue for me to express what it feels like getting to the other side.”

The release of “Whiskey On You” follows the viral success of Nate Smith’s “I Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven,” which has raked in nearly 30 million total on-demand streams to date. He recently released a new version of the song with his friend and labelmate, Tenille Townes.

Prior to signing a record deal, Nate Smith faced an unthinkable tragedy when his hometown of Paradise, California burned down due to the devasting Camp Fire. His family was forced to relocate and Smith turned to music to cope with the loss.

Named a 2022 Artist To Watch by Country Now, Smith continues to make a name for himself with his radio-ready tunes and unmistakable vocals.

The release of “Whiskey On You” will undoubtedly take his career to new heights.

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