New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

Songs have the ability to trigger different feelings and emotions for people, especially for those who are going through different…


Melinda Lorge

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July 15, 2021

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RaeLynn, Teddy Robb, Alexandra Kay

Songs have the ability to trigger different feelings and emotions for people, especially for those who are going through different situations. Sad songs can make people want to cry, while fun songs can make folks want to throw a party. 

In this week’s list of Songs You Need To Hear Right Now, listeners will find a plethora of new tracks for just about every occasion as artists continue the process of churning out new music.

Read on as Country Now shares the latest new tunes that focus on topics of heartbreak, love, summer, and more.

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

“Healthy” – CB30

CB30 made up of real-life brothers Christian and Brody Clementi, find it difficult to quit an irresistibly good but toxic relationship in their infectious pop/country song, “Healthy.” Although the lyrics of the song focus on the risk of staying in a dangerous and unhealthy relationship, it’s melody is actually upbeat. A perfect summer jam, “Healthy” treats listeners to bright acoustic guitar strumming, effortless sibling harmonies, upbeat finger snaps, and a pulsating beat. Fans of CB30 will notice some differences in “Healthy” compared to the band’s earlier tracks.

“This song is a step up from our old music,” Brody said of “Healthy” in a recent press release. “It’s more mature, and I love the upbeat funkiness of it. Christian called me from the studio and sang four words of the chorus, and I loved it.”

Stream the track here.

“Small Town Prayer” – RaeLynn

After sharing her heart-tugging country ballad, “Made For Me To Love (Demo),” RaeLynn returns with a spiritual-leaning track called “Small Town Prayer.” Produced by Corey Crowder and co-written by RaeLynn with Drew Kennedy and Ben Stennis, “Small Town Prayer” highlights the power of prayer, sharing a message that no matter how small a request seems or where it comes from, that prayer will reach heaven and the man above.

What makes “Small Town Prayer” even more special for RaeLynn is the track comes as she and her husband Josh Davis prepare for the birth of their first child – a newborn baby girl who they will call Daisy Rae Davis. RaeLynn and Davis’ daughter is due in September.

Stream the track here

“Country In The Girl” – Jenna Paulette

Jenna Paulette is dedicating her latest song to country girls everywhere. Aptly titled “Country In the Girl,” the sassy new track, released via her independent label, Grit Brand Entertainment, calls out a man who tries to take a girl out of her city lifestyle and put her into the country. Even though he might dress that girl in “denim,” “sit her in the saddle,” or “fix her up in tackle,” she’s never going to be a true country girl at heart.

“Country In the Girl” first caught fire on social media after Paulette shared snippets of the tune’s chorus on her online platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Combined, those short clips earned more than 2.5 million views for the talented singer-songwriter and Texas rancher.

Stream the track here.

“Whiskey Can’t” – Teddy Robb

Let’s face it, there are plenty of country songs about drinking, but Teddy Robb is putting a new twist on the meaning of the word, drunk in his new track, “Whiskey Can’t.” Throughout the song, Robb acknowledges how a relationship can be stronger than alcohol. Being in the beginning phase of a relationship can elevate a person’s feelings and make them want to stay in bed all day. It can even give them the kind of buzz that whiskey can’t.

Robb wrote “Whiskey Can’t” with songwriters Pete Good, Josh Jenkins, Brandon Ratcliff, and Kelly Archer in 2020. The tune is his first new music following his debut 2020 self-titled EP and latest single, “Heaven on Dirt.”

Stream the track here

“Excuses” – Kolby Cooper

Cooper has to let go of a relationship in his new and highly-relatable heartbreak track, “Excuses.” Packed with heartfelt emotion, the Texas singer/songwriter flaunts his deep vocals alongside a simple rock beat and electric guitars. First asking his ex why she chose to suddenly call it quits, Cooper draws the conclusion that everything she has said was nothing but a bunch of excuses.

Produced by Philip Mosley and co-written alongside Brett Tyler and Jordan Walker, “Excuses” is Cooper’s first release since signing his first record deal with BBR Music Group / Wheelhouse Records in partnership with Combustion Music. Fans will get to know Cooper even more, as he has and more brand-new music coming soon.

Stream the track here. 

“How Do We Go” – Alexandra Kay

Alexandra Kay is willing to work on a rocky relationship, but she’s putting the ball in her love interest’s court in her mesmerizing country ballad, “How Do We Go.” Wondering where she stands in a romance that’s facing difficulties, the viral country star asks her love interest to provide her a roadmap for getting their relationship back on track.

How do we go from rust to shine / Just getting it done to getting it done right / Not talking at all, passing you in the hall / To needing to hear you say goodnight / I gotta know is it worth the fight / Should I just let it go or try to change your mind / Is a chapter about to start / Or the book about to close / How do we go / How do we go,” Kay sings the chorus of the song, which she co-wrote with Lizzie Cates and Matt Wynn.

Stream the track here

“Heroes” – Natalie Hemby

Some folks never meet the people they idolize. And, for Natalie Hemby, she wouldn’t want to have it any other way. At least that’s how she puts it in her Sheryl Crow-inspired track entitled “Heroes.” The acclaimed singer and songwriter, and member of The Highwomen goes as far to say that she doesn’t ever want to meet her heroes in person because the thought of coming face-to-face with them might change her perception of who they are. For Hemby, that concept hits close to home.

“That’s my own story because I grew up in the music business,” she said in a press release of the song she co-wrote with Jeff Trot and Aaron Raitiere. “After a while, I didn’t want to meet them unless I knew they were good people. I wrote that from my own personal space.”

Stream the track here

“SPF U” – Hasting & Co.

Country duo Hasting & Co. bring ultimate beach time lyrics in their fun and flirtatious tune, “SPF U,” written with fellow rising artist Pricilla Block. Featuring both clever and suggestive lyrics, “SPF U” first caught the ears of listeners at a recent Jake Owen concert. Now, it just might be the one song that gets stuck in fans’ heads all summer long.

I wanna SPF you / Rub that sunscreen all over your back / Baby, I got the best view of you laying in the sun like that / Untie that bikini top / Cause I don’t wanna miss a spot / You know what I wanna do / I wanna SPF you,” the duo’sKate Hasting and Josh Beale sing the song.

Stream the track here

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