New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now

So many new country songs have already been released throughout 2021. And, as the holiday season approaches, it’s clear to…


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October 21, 2021

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Matt Stell, Hannah Ellis, Willie Jones, Muscadine Bloodline

So many new country songs have already been released throughout 2021. And, as the holiday season approaches, it’s clear to see that more tunes are on the way.

This month, listeners are hearing from No. 1 hitmakers like Matt Stell and viral TikTok country newcomers like Halle Kearns, as they’ve just released new music. That’s not all! Several artists have also dropped new music that’s already making its way onto country radio.

From nostalgic tunes to breakup anthems to songs about love, Country Now is sharing its brand new list of noteworthy tracks for just about everyone.

Here are 7 songs you need to hear to right now.

“Boyfriend Season” – Matt Stell

Stell leans heavily into his rock country sound in his brand new track, “Boyfriend Season.” Loaded with electric guitar and thrashing drums, this mid-tempo tune is all about how people hide the truth in the aftermath of a breakup. Stell flaunts his smooth vocals over lyrics that have him giving his ex advice on how to nurse her heartache with the track’s catchy hook: “Tell your friends, it ain’t boyfriend season.”

Stell wrote “Boyfriend Season,” alongside Zach Abend, Seth Ennis, and Geoff Warburton. The tune is Stell’s first release in seven months and comes in the midst of his fast-rising country radio single, “That Ain’t Me No More.”

Stream the track here.

“Us” – Hannah Ellis

Some things are just meant to go together, and that’s the message Hannah Ellis serves up in her debut radio single entitled “Us.” Ellis wrote the romantic track with Jason Massey and Travis Wood, and it was partly inspired by her marriage to her husband and fellow country artist Nick Wayne. In the song, Ellis sings about feeling happy and content with a person that fits into her life like a glove.

You and me will always be us / Like comin’ home headlights always means your truck / Like leanin’ in’s always gonna be / My red wine lips mixed with your whiskey kiss Friday nights,” Ellis sings throughout the chorus of the song. “Like your right hand’s always gonna be in mine / Some things just fit perfectly / Like an old t-shirt and Levi jeans / You and me will always be us.”

Stream the track here.

“Picture Frames” – Randy Rogers Band

Randy Rogers Band finds themselves reminiscing over the times they’ve shared with the one they love while looking at old photos in their nostalgic new single, “Picture Frames.” An up-tempo tune, featuring violin, lead guitars, and a simple rock beat, “Picture Frames” has the band’s Randy Rogers, Geoffrey Hill, Jon Richardson, Brady Black, Les Lawless, and Todd Stewart holding tight onto precious memories, and wondering why those cherished moments have passed by so fast.

Like the song, the Randy Rogers Band has been looking back on the moments they’ve shared as a country music group. The Texas band recently marked its 20th anniversary in music. Their latest single, co-written by frontman Rogers alongside singer/songwriter Drew Kennedy, is the first taste of what fans can expect from their upcoming album, due out in the spring of 2022.

Stream the track here.

“Get Low, Get High” – Willie Jones

For anyone who needs a burst of positive energy, look no further than Willie Jones’ current single, “Get Low, Get High.” The hip-hop/country track features a toe-tapping beat, jazzy horn section, and fresh, sing-along lyrics that remind listeners to embrace the hard times, which often lead to good times.

“We’ve all been through the darkest for the past two years,” Jones said in a recent press release. “’Get Low, Get High’ is a mantra signaling something better is coming soon, and when it does, we’re gonna appreciate it more than ever. Have faith.”

Stream the track here.

“New Old Trucks” – James Barker Band featuring Dierks Bentley

Some people prefer to drive around in a brand new set of wheels, but the James Barker Band would rather go for a ride in an irreplaceable used truck because it has brought them plenty of memories over the years. That’s the message they deliver in their brand new truck-loving single, “New Old Trucks.”

The Canadian country group made up of James Barker, Taylor Abram, Connor Stephen, and Bobby Martin enlisted country star Dierks Bentley for the reflective tune. Splitting up the verses, JBB and Bentley describe the dents they’ve put on their vehicle over time, from the priceless “scratch on the hood” to the unforgettable “cherry mark on the seat from a Camel Crush.”

Stream the track here.

“Happy In This Bar” – Halle Kearns

Country newcomer Halle Kearns knows how to put on her party dress and fake a smile. And, she showcases that in her new track, “Happy In This Bar.” Featuring her honeyed country set of vocals over a heart-thumping beat and handpicking acoustics, Kearns sings about going out with her friends despite not feeling up to being in a downtown crowd.

Happy in this bar / Just another night / Making everybody think that I’m all right / Lift another toast / Fake another smile / Be the life of the party for a little while / As long as they know don’t know that I’m so far / From happy in this bar,” she sings the chorus of the song, which is the second of three leading into her upcoming sophomore EP.

Stream the track here.

“Dispatch to 16th Ave” – Muscadine Bloodline

Muscadine Bloodline gets real in their newest track, “Dispatch to 16th Ave,” capturing the realities of being a struggling, independent artist on Nashville’s country music scene. The uptempo tune comes ahead of the band’s upcoming sophomore album of the same name, slated to drop in February of 2022.

“Being in Nashville for seven years, we’ve seen our fair share of artists who have given up their creativity for the sake of ‘making it’,” Muscadine Bloodline shares in a press release. “The song starts and it might make you think of first responders arriving at a murder scene. Instead of losing a life, it’s about all the young, aspiring musicians losing themselves in what music was never supposed to be. We thought of all the men and women that move to Nashville to chase a dream and hope to inspire all young artists to dare to be different.”

Stream the track here.

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