New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Conner Smith, Tenille Townes, Dylan Marlowe & More

Vulnerability and power are ruling the music scene. Letting your guard down around these new releases will only lead to…


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September 12, 2022

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Conner Smith, Tenille Townes, Dylan Marlowe; Photos Provided

Vulnerability and power are ruling the music scene. Letting your guard down around these new releases will only lead to unsanctioned feelings of strength and endearment. 

Listeners are hearing from a slew of artists rising to the top of their game like Madeline Edwards, Southerland and Dylan Marlowe, as they’ve recently dropped new music. 

From genre-bending anthems to songs that break down the repetition of toxic relationships and others that highlight those in the workforce, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of noteworthy tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Tenille Townes – “The Last Time”

Experiencing something in life for the first time can be hopeful and exciting, but reaching “The Last Time” conjures up a whole different mindset, especially if the last time has passed and you didn’t realize it at the time. In Tenille Townes’ latest release, the nostalgia sets in at the thought of not being able to relish in the final moments of some of life’s most precious stages. By the end of the song, she makes it a point to appreciate the present because “The Last Time” could be just around the corner. 

“This song reminds me to stop and take in the moments that are happening right now, and I hope it feels like a comforting reminder to anybody else who needs it too,” Townes shared. 

Stream the track here.

The War and Treaty – “That’s How Love Is Made”

Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter, the husband-and-wife duo that makes up the Nashville success story, The War And Treaty, have set a shatterproof standard with their latest, “That’s How Love Is Made.” Co-written by the pair with Dave Barnes, this ballad serves as a precursor to their highly-anticipated album, produced by Grammy award-winner Dave Cobb. In an effort to “drown out hate” and replace it with an abundance of love, the duo lays it all on the table as they explore the demanding give and take method within a relationship. They have shown no mercy to the sinister vice behind a partner who fails to maintain their labor of love. 

Michael said, “My prayer is that so much love is created through this song that eventually hate is drowned out. Let love be as creative as it wants in our friendships, in our business partnerships, in our neighborhood and never put the chains on her…for she is meant to be free.”

Stream the track here.

Conner Smith – “Take It Slow”

Don’t be fooled by Conner Smith’s newest song, “Take It Slow” because the Tennessee native is doing anything but this in the current state of his career. This single has already amassed nearly 40 million global streams to date and is slated to impact Country radio this month after being featured on his debut, DIDN’T GO TOO FAR collection. In the smooth melody, Smith replicates the bliss of young love, a time when the only concern was finding alone time while driving down a back road in his Chevrolet. 

He sings, “we can sway back and forth to what’s on the radio / cause you said that you were all mine innocent look in your eye / Nothing but time, kiss me all night and let’s just take it slow.” 

Stream the track here.

Madeline Edwards – “The Wolves”

This powerhouse is ready for anything that’s thrown her way, even if that’s a fight with “The Wolves.” In the opening line of her latest song, Madeline Edwards provokes a challenge to try and take her down. “Say that I can’t, I won’t or I shouldn’t / And then watch me rise above it,” she sings. The gritty vocals pave a new lane in the genre as she taunts the walls that dare to hold her back. Penned by Edwards alongside Emily Doty and Gavin Slate, and produced by Ryan Tyndell and Oscar Charles, this track is set to stand out on her upcoming debut full-length album. 

Stream the track here.

Nikita Karmen – “Get Even”

With a little help from Walker Hayes, Nikita Karmen was persuaded to cut her first outside song, “Get Even.” “I’ve always been somewhat against cutting outside songs, maybe it’s because the songwriting aspect has always been my vice,” she shared honestly. Hayes sent her this cheery yet feisty song, which was co-written by songwriting sensations Carrie Underwood, Shane McAnally, Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey. For Karmen, these writers were a “dream come true” to work with and her younger self couldn’t refuse the opportunity to record a song by these icons.

This song which she dubs, “my grown up breakup song about finally taking the high road” marks the debut single off her upcoming project, set to drop early next year. 

Stream the track here.

Southerland – “Underpaid & Overserved”

Rising Country duo Southerland is praising the working class and preaching the right to have a drink after a hard day’s work with their latest release, “Underpaid & Overserved.” This blue-collar anthem written by Southerland’s Matt Chase and Chris Rogers alongside Greg Bates and Jeff Middleton is dedicated to everyone who is “working for the weekend,” according to the bandmates. 

“Work days go long, but the weekends are well worth it. It’s one of those songs that makes you wanna snag a Friday night beer and enjoy a long weekend with your friends.” 

Stream the track here.

Dylan Marlowe – “Why’d We Break Up Again”

Ahead of his time on the road in support of Cole Swindell’s Back Down To The Bar Tour, Dylan Marlowe begs the question, “Why’d We Break Up Again” in his relatable new single. Instead of taking his post-breakup sorrows to the bar, he’s taking a different direction. Marlowe explained, “This track is a mix of country and rock, like the songs that I grew up listening to. The story behind the song is a situation that almost everyone’s been in before.” Penned by Marlowe, Joe Fox, and Brett Tyler, the Georgia native finds himself being pulled back into the waves of an unhealthy relationship that requires a long-awaited end. 

Stream the track here.

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