New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Nate Smith, Tiera Kennedy, Ian Munsick, Mackenzie Carpenter, & More

Home is where the heart is, and this crop of artists is speaking to that truth. Whether they’ve moved on…


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October 10, 2022

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Nate Smith, Tiera Kennedy, Ian Munsick, Mackenzie Carpenter; Photos Provided

Home is where the heart is, and this crop of artists is speaking to that truth. Whether they’ve moved on to new cities or are trying to forget the ones who hurt them, their new songs take the listener into their place of comfort. This week brings new releases from singer/songwriters rising to the top of their game like Mackenzie Carpenter, Nate Smith and Tiera Kennedy. 

From celebrating freedom to appreciating those who always have your back and finding the courage to step outside of the norms, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out tracks that has something for everyone’s playlist.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Nate Smith – “I Found You”

In his latest release, “I Found You,” Nate Smith exemplifies how much one person can make a difference in your life. As a follow-up to his current single, “Whiskey On You,” fans had high expectations for his next spark of creativity, and there’s no denying his talent once again prevailed. As he ponders the “what if’s,” Smith’s vocals are unwavering while his lyrics display outright relief. 

“‘I Found You’ is a song about timing and redemption. There’s nothing more affirming to a heart than when someone sees you with all your faults and still chooses you, and that’s what this song is about,” Nate shared. 

Stream the track here.

Ian Munsick – “Horses & Weed”

Ian Munsick’s “Horses & Weed” is a breath of fresh air in the genre that so commonly leans into the country essentials: beer and trucks. While there’s nothing wrong with the classics, the Wyoming native challenges his country fans to take a stroll on greener pastures as he pioneers a modern soundscape. With his co-writer Josh Thompson, this charming release marks the third track from Munsick’s next full-length project, due in 2023. 

Stream the track here.

Tiera Kennedy – “Alabama Nights”

For Tiera Kennedy, “Southbound 65” and “Hot seat summers” will always represent home. Through her celebratory new track, “Alabama Nights,” the singer keeps her youthful energy alive as she honors the state that raised her. Co-penned by Kennedy alongside Cameron Bedell, Emily Falvey and Jared Scott, the clever use of the harmonica paired with a refined acoustic guitar pluck makes this song perfect for those fall tailgates or summer kickbacks. 

Stream the track here.

John Morgan – “Friends Like That”

Multi-No. 1 hit songwriter John Morgan is taking a step away from his usual sad boy catalog to show some gratitude towards the ones who are always there to lift him up, like “Jack” (Daniels) and “Willie” (Nelson.) Through his latest release, the North Carolina native makes one thing clear, he doesn’t need his ex ‘cause he’s got “Friends Like That.” Besides the fact that no breakup playlist would be complete without his new upbeat stylings, it also begs for a spin on the dance floor. Written by Morgan with Brent Anderson, Will Bundy and Lydia Vaughn, this song corrals Morgan’s blue-collar grit into a new chapter filled with positive tendencies and hopeful instrumentals.

Stream the track here.

Randy Rogers Band – “Know That By Now”

Randy Rogers Band has dropped another taste of their upcoming ninth studio album, Homecoming, set to arrive on October 14. Their new song, “Know That By Now” embodies a never-ending cycle of mistakes that stem from lessons that only go so far until the next round of faults come into play. The band takes ownership of their narrative at hand, while also holding the listener accountable through their knowing vocals. 

“I been around the sun a time or two / Running in circles ain’t nothing new / I never moved on, I just like the way it sounds / You’d think I’d know that by now,” frontman Randy Rogers sings. 

Stream the track here.

Mackenzie Carpenter – “Huntin’ Season”

For obvious reasons, there’s no better time for the release of Mackenzie Carpenter’s highly-anticipated song, “Huntin’ Season.” Contrary to what the title alludes to, this song shows off Carpenter’s prerogative to enjoy her time at home when her man is out doing his own thing during this busy season. She can “call the girls,” “never have to put the toilet seat down,” or whatever else that she can’t do when he’s around. 

“I wrote this song to show off the playful side of hunting season …when your guy is outta the house, outta your hair, and totally focused on the prize,” the 22-year-old songstress confessed about the track that reflects the true reasons behind why she loves hunting season. 

Stream the track here.

Julie Roberts feat. Jamey Johnson – “Music City’s Killing Me”

While Nashville is generally known as the hub for creativity, it can also get a bit overwhelming with the constant noise and the vast amount of competition floating around. For country artist Julie Roberts, inspiration struck as she found herself needing to break out from all the “concrete” and instead, “get back down in the country.” The result was “Music City’s Killing Me,” Feat. Jamey Johnson, which mirrors Ray LaMontagne’s “New York City’s Killing me.”

“When I first started recording this project, I went out to LA to record. I didn’t feel like I fit in here anymore and I didn’t know where I belonged. In a way, Music City had worn me out. But, I knew Shooter and Jamey got me,” she shared. 

Stream the track here.

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