New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: The Reklaws with Drake Milligan, Emily Ann Roberts, & More

Fuel up with this week’s round of love songs, heartbreak anthems and party starters.


Madeleine O’Connell

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July 28, 2023

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The Reklaws, Drake Milligan, Emily Ann Roberts; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are eight new country songs you need to hear right now.

The Reklaws – “Honky Tonkin’ About” feat. Drake Milligan

The Reklaws are taking a walk on the Western side of country music as they deliver their new boot-stomping tune, “Honky Tonkin’ About.” To help draw in that true traditional country sound that seeps from a crowded honky tonk, the country duo brought in vocals from Worth, Texas native and America’s Got Talent alum, Drake Milligan. These rising stars get the party started as they take turns belting out the rowdy tune with the kind of grit that gets country music lovers on their feet and ready for a night out. Written by The Reklaws’ Stuart Walker, Blake Redferrin, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter and Callum Maudsley, the track came as a result of that itching feeling to get back into bars and on stages during the 2021 lockdowns. 

“We were trying to pull ourselves out of a funk one day during the pandemic so we sat down and thought about what we would want to party to at a honky tonk on a Friday night with our friends. From those daydreams, this song was born,” shared Stuart Walker.

“I was honored to get the call to be on my first ever feature with The Reklaws,” shares Milligan. “They are so much fun to work with.” 

Stream the track HERE.

The Mizes – “Hitched Up”

There’s a new duo in town! The Mizes, made up of married musicians Logan Mize and Jill Martin, are breaking out onto the country music scene with their debut release, “Hitched Up.” The lovebirds trade off on the verses as they illustrate the truth behind married life and warn other couples that happily ever after isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Their hilarious comparisons to a ball and chain and a plow in the dust make for a must-hear, fiddle-ridden country love song with a twist. The Mizes first met as aspiring singer-songwriters in Nashville in 2008 and for years, they have been performing and writing music together. However, “Hitched Up” marks the first taste of what the pair is capable of creating in the studio as one. The song serves as a preview of new music to come from the duo in the coming months.

“We are so excited our first single is finally out,” say The Mizes. “We hope everyone can laugh along as we poke fun at the struggles of real life and marriage!”

Stream the track HERE.

Hannah Dasher – “That Thing You Like”

Hannah Dasher is delivering some sweet revenge as she throws tremendous shade at her ex in her newest song, “That Thing You Like.” Leaving no crumbs left behind, this female songstress is telling it like it is in a way that also highlights her signature wit. The scandalous tune was written alongside Brandon Hood and Wynn Varble in the form of a message to Dasher’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, letting her in on his flaws. Throughout the Southern rock meets blues melody, Dasher heads a warning to all the boyfriend-stealing women out there that she’s not one to mess with. 

“That Thing You Like” marks the latest single from her forthcoming The Other Damn Half record, set for release in the fall of 2023.

“He can’t hang on to a dollar / He can’t let go of his mama / Never was much of a lover / ‘Til I got him under the covers / Remember when his loving on you tonight / That I’m the one that taught him that thing you like,” Dasher sings on the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Emily Ann Roberts – “Chickens”

Listeners are getting a glimpse into Emily Ann Roberts’ East Tennessee upbringing as she unleashes her traditional country sound in her new song, “Chickens.” The sultry tune ruffles some feathers throughout the cheery chorus as Roberts lets the innuendo-filled lyrics take flight. The sweet, southern charm of her vocals makes for the perfect pairing of the playful storyline between a pair of newlyweds. It’s an unconventional love song that was penned by Roberts alongside GRAMMY-winning producer Trent Willmon and hit songwriter Paul Overstreet and gives fans a taste of her upcoming album Can’t Hide Country, out September 22,

She sings, “We go to bed with the chickens / Then we act like night owls / You know who ain’t doing no sleeping / When were switching that light out / Ain’t no dreaming under these covers / Ain’t no keeping hands off of each other / Wake up in the morning tired as the dickens / Even though we go to bed with the chickens.”

Stream the track HERE.

Harper Grace – “Down In My Hometown”

Look no further for your next party-starting anthem because Curb Records newcomer Harper Grace has got it covered. The mood-lifting tempo of her new song, “Down In My Hometown” transports listeners back to Grace’s small-town roots buried deep in the heat of Texas. The pop-country beat showcases her idea of fun which consists of neon lights on Friday nights, getting a little messy at weekend barbeques, and “slippin’ through barbed wire to start a bonfire.” Alex Kline, Harper Gruzins, Kyle Jacobs, and Michael Farren serve as co-writers on the steaming summertime pick-me-up.

“If you wanna party, we got your party / If it’s gettin’ too loud, we ain’t sorry / You want some old school, we’re gonna crank it / Till we’re kissin’ in a field on a blanket / If you’re lonely or low, now you know where to go / Pick you up round after round / It’s hard to stay down / hard to stay down / Hard to stay down in my hometown,” Grace delivers in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Elvie Shane – “Jonesin’” 

Elvie Shane has dropped a soulful new tune titled, “Jonesin’.” The BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records singer/songwriter unleashed his haunting vocals amidst the chilling melodies and mesmerizing instrumentals of the blazing song. Written by Shane, Oscar Charles, Ryan Tyndall, and Jeremy Spillman and produced by Oscar Charles, “Jonesin’” captivates with every note as Shane speaks on behalf of those who find themselves constantly getting thrown back into the fire as they yearn for more and more satisfaction in life. He encourages these adrenaline seekers to use their emptiness to instead build on themselves in hopes of finally seeking what they’ve been searching for.

“’Jonesin’’ is all about our vices and failures in the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness,” Shane shared via press release. “It came with the realization that you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and still be left feeling empty at times. That’s just life. But that void can be a beautiful thing when used as fuel. It can piss you off enough to quit the bad habits or fire you up enough to chase the seemingly unattainable.”

Stream the track HERE.

Carter Faith – “Cowboy Forever” 

Carter Faith’s new single, “Cowboy Forever” finds her opening up about finally seeing the light when it comes to the boy who left her blinded by love. The dreamy guitar strums instantly bring the song to life as Faith leads with a confident new perspective on the relationship that she once thought she would be able to fix. However, as hard as she tried, she now wonders how she could ever see a future with this man. At the end of the Carter Fiath, Lauren Hungate, and Tofer Brown written tune, she unveils the truth behind feeling constantly drawn back into the toxic partnership despite knowing she deserves better. 

“He would give me his last name, I’d love the same cowboy forever / He was something I could tame, was way too young to know no better,” Faith sings. “He won’t change, not ever / Same cowboy forever.”

Stream the track HERE.

Peytan Porter – “God’s Hotel”

Peytan Porter reflects on her faith in a new artistic way with her just-released “God’s Hotel.” The fresh single pays homage to her relationship with the man upstairs and finding that neutral spot between doing everything one’s supposed to do in order to claim a spot in heaven and finding peace in the fact that it’s okay to drift from the straight and narrow road. Porter gets vulnerable as the soft-toned, bluesy melody pays tribute to the path of self-acceptance and confidence. Co-written by the Georgia native with Faren Rachels and Jeff Garrison, “God’s Hotel” comes hot on the heels of the acclaimed success of 2021’s “Therapy” and her 2022 EP, In My Head

“’God’s Hotel’ is a song that I wrote and felt very personally,” she explains of the new song. “I grew up in the church and moved to Nashville wanting to be a worship leader, and then went to a Christian college here. But the closer I got to the religious side of church, the less I liked who I became – so I kind of had to reset. When we wrote ‘God’s Hotel,’ it was a thought that I was too scared to say at the time. The song is a bit of a metaphor for my faith. I don’t want a perfect mansion in heaven. I want a hotel because I like to travel, play music for a living, and live a life that is authentic to me.” 

Stream the track HERE.

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