New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Walker Hayes, Caroline Jones, BRELAND & More

The newest roundup of songs has arrived.


Madeleine O’Connell

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August 25, 2023

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Walker Hayes, Caroline Jones, BRELAND; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Justin Moore – “She’s Got Lovin’ On Her Mind”

Justin Moore is sure to get the party started at any honky tonk with his latest release, “She’s Got Lovin’ On Her Mind.” As he cranks up the heat, the chart-topping hitmaker unveils his flirty side within the spellbound melody that features smokey guitar solos and highlights Moore’s Arkansas-bred twang. Penned by the Valory Music Co. artist alongside Jeremy Stover and Brandon Kinney, the sensual tune was originally released as a bonus track on his physical deluxe Late Nights And Longnecks album and is now available everywhere digitally. 

“I like where this is goin’ it’s about that time / She’s throwin’ me a look / She’s got lovin’ on her mind / She sets me on fire with her burnin’ desire / No doubt what’s goin’ down tonight / She’s got lovin’ on her mind,” Moore sings on the chorus.

Stream the track HERE.

Walker Hayes – “Good With Me”

Within his music, Walker Hayes has been known to speak his mind while also embracing life’s happiest moments, and his newest release, “Good With Me” is no different. The country star shows no hesitation as he lists off various people in the world who each have a strong opinion on topics such as college athletes, religion, politics, and the definition of “real” country music.  In the end, the catchy tune finds the Alabama native flipping the conversation from things people don’t agree on to some of life’s most simple pleasures like fishing, days on the lake and spending time with loved ones. 

“I wrote this sitting on my dock after a long day of work,” Hayes shared of the song he co-wrote with Scott Stepakoff and Shane McAnally. “It felt like everyone I’d interacted with that day felt they needed to unload their opinions. I didn’t mind listening, but I noticed so much anger in their tone. I sat and thought for a while about how I know what everyone thinks except me. I thought of Laney and the song spilled out.”

Stream the track HERE.

Drake White – “Ladder To The Sky”

Drake White unveils a motivating new tune centered around finding true happiness in the present moment and trusting that everything will turn out as planned in the end. Co-written by Vanessa Olivarez, Andy Skib and White who also acted as producer, “Ladder To The Sky” takes an insightful and incredibly moving perspective on one of life’s most daunting unknowns. Throughout White’s serene vocals that go hand-in-hand with the dreamy guitar strums, the song takes listeners on a journey “past the stars and over the rainbows” and above clouds to find peace and harmony in the next life.  

“I’m guilty of always pushing to what’s next. This is to remind me that we control very little in this life. Just keep climbing, and you’ll end up exactly where you need to be,” White wrote on Instagram of the stunning new release. 

Stream the track HERE.

Neon Union – “This Side Of The Dirt” 

The men of Neon Union is updating their catalog of music with an inspiring new tune titled, “This Side Of The Dirt.” This upbeat song finds the duo made up of Leo Brooks and Andrew Millsaps imagining all the bucket list items they would cross off if they knew it was their last day on Earth. Co-written by Ben Johnson, Hunter Phelps, Jerry Flowers, and Nicolette Hayford, “This Side Of The Dirt” showcases the country singer’s smooth harmonies as they dream of slowing things down and take the time “to stop and pick the peaches.” The new single will soon impact radio airwaves as it’s slated to ship to country radio on August 25. 

“I’m gonna take it slow and sweet yeah / Sunday morning easy / Live like livin’ ain’t nothing but a Chevy and a girl in a High Life shirt / Yeah I’d ride right off that black top / Park it up where the sun drops / And love you all the way / Like it’s my last day / On this side of the dirt,” the duo sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

BRELAND – “Cowboy Don’t”

BRELAND’s audience has already fallen in love with his fresh new tune, “Cowboy Don’t” after hearing the addicting melody during his most recent run of live shows. Now, the song penned by the rising cross-genre star with Zachary Manno and Haley Mae Campbell is finally available everywhere. The feel-good track is filled with flirty temptations as BRELAND offers “a different kind of rodeo” to a girl, insinuating that he knows how to have fun in a way that “a cowboy don’t.” With charm and charisma on full displace, the Bad Realm Records/Atlantic Records/Warner Music Nashville artist delivers an addicting country-led beat accompanied by the steel guitar and dobro. 

“I’ve been waiting to put this song out for what feels like a long time and I’m so excited the day is here,” BRELAND explains via press release. “I’ve been playing this at my live shows for the past six months or so and watching the crowd go absolutely wild just pumps me up! I love the energy in the room I get from this song, and I’m stoked to have it officially out now.”

Stream the track HERE.

Matt Stell – “One Of Us” feat. Chase Matthew

Matt Stell took his fan-favorite, “One Of Us” back into the studio and re-recorded a new version, this time adding vocals by fellow rising country star, Chase Matthew. Taking the same addicting melody from the original release, the new song finds Stell and Matthew describing all the best parts about growing up in a small town, a message that they can both closely relate to. Between their heart-pounding vocals and nostalgic rendering, “One Of Us” unleashes a modern-country sound to pay homage to the hard-working people in the place they call home. Songwriters James Barker, Travis Wood, Gavin Slate, and Jim McCormick took the reins on writing “One Of Us,” but Stell made it his own as a co-producer alongside Ash Bowers. 

“‘One Of Us’ is about all the people I’m proud to know. I wanted to feature someone on this song who could really add to it, and take the song and the idea behind it to the next level. I can’t think of anyone who fits that bill better than Chase [Matthew],” shares Stell. “I’m a big fan of what he does. He’s definitely one of us.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Caroline Jones – “Serendipity”

Caroline Jones’ new release titled, “Serendipity” serves as the latest glimpse into her third album, Homesite, which is set to drop on October 20. While at first, she finds herself dismissing the “LA girls” who “charge their crystals” and predict their futures by studying astrological signs, Jones later creeps into their realm as she begins to feel a love so magical and indescribable that she might actually start to believe that it was fate who brought them together. Co-written by Jones with Chapters and Robyn Collins, “Serendipity” sparks a light-hearted portal of head-over-heels love through the songstress’ candied vocals and pleasing melody.  

“Then I kiss you / And run out of logic / Can’t explain It feels like a grand design / Who knew / The ending’s a plot twist / By some serendipity / Now you’re mine,” Jones sings on the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

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