New Country Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Chase Matthew, LOCASH, Charly Reynolds, & More

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear.


Madeleine O’Connell

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February 3, 2023

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Chase Matthew, LOCASH, Charly Reynolds; Photos Provided

This week’s new music is all about moving on and celebrating life with the people who only bring good energy. No more tears, no more looking back because just as these songs reveal, there are plenty of good days ahead.  

From Patriotic anthems to daring ultimatums and some much-needed soul-searching tracks, Country Now is sharing its brand-new list of stand-out new tunes.

Here are seven songs you need to hear right now.

Charly Reynolds – “Out of My Hands” 

While trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, Charly Reynolds reassures herself that spending her days wondering about the what if’s and what could have beens won’t do too much good because things are, “Out of My Hands.” The 23-year-old singer/songwriter is pushing past the bounds of her own extremes as she bears witness to the depths of her emotions. Throughout the powerful ballad, Reynolds confides her vocals in a well of stunning illusions and effortless melodies. 

“I thought maybe if I prayed / You’d come running back / You would go and unpack all your things / Thought maybe I could sway / You in to comin’ over,” she sings in the emotional chorus. “Take it a little slower / So you’d stay / Guess God had other plans / It’s hard to understand / Now you’re in somebody else’s arms and it’s out of my hands.”

Stream the track HERE.

Austin Snell – “Get There First”

Austin Snell’s unique blend of rock and country, which he’s coined “grunge country,” comes to life in his brand-new single, “Get There First.” The Country-rocker shows off his gritty vocals and thundering identity while looking fear directly in the face as the bad habits attempt to hold him back. The hard-hitting track was produced by Jake Parshall and Josh Bright and written by Snell with Kenny Whitmire and Hunter Chastain.

“‘Get There First’ is about fighting for yourself and conquering your mental state,” Snell shared in a press release. “Using your support system and speaking up about a ‘trail of hell’ you’re facing, you can listen to this song to remember that you can get through anything you’re battling.” 

Stream the track HERE.

LOCASH – “Three Favorite Colors

LOCASH gets loud and proud about their loyalty to the U.S.A. in their latest release, “Three Favorite Colors.” Co-written by the duo’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, along with Nate Kenyon and Drew Baldridge, the hard-hitting anthem stresses the importance of what the colors red, white and blue represent, and how they pledge to honor the American flag. 

“I got three favorite colors / Not just one, not just two / I got three favorite letters / And let me spell ‘em out for you/ They say USA / Where I wish everything was made / Every truck, every boot, and every tool / Yeah, I got three favorite colors  / And that’s red, white, and blue,” they sing in the patriotic chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Caylee Hammack – “All or Nothing” 

 Caylee Hammack is adding some spice to her catalog of songs with the release of “All or Nothing.” Right off the bat, the female songstress makes it clear that she’s not settling for any less than she deserves. Through the series of ultimatums, the vibrant new song written by Hammack with Tofer Brown and Thomas Finchum showcases the extent of her pronounced vocals and confidence to say, “it’s all or nothing.”

“‘All Or Nothing’ has been persistently burning through my pocket since we wrote it, so I’m thankful it’s out!” Hammack shared in a press release. “This song felt fitting as the introduction to my second album coming later this year. Everybody loves a good old war cry for good love sometimes.”

Stream the track HERE.

Willie Jones  – “Them Girls Do”

With his newest song, “Them Girls Do,” Willie Jones tips his hat to the people who catch his attention in an unexpected way. He admits that the types of girls who will break his heart are the ones who were “Raised right,” but also aren’t afraid to show off their wild side. Jones shared that he penned this new track alongside Nick Autry and Justin Ebach in Los Angeles, at The Penthouse Studios in an effort to find “a different type of party vibe.” They did just that with the opening banjo licks and hip-swaying melody that flows throughout the entire tune.

“‘Them Girls Do’ gives a peek on what many of us look for in a girlfriend: a chameleon. Someone who can flip it by being proper and polite and then – bam – possess that danger gene. Think ‘…A little Sunday morning, a little Friday night,’” said Jones. 

Stream the track HERE.

Chase Matthew – “The Way I Am”

In Chase Matthew’s vulnerable new release, “The Way I am,” he points his finger at the person who did more than just break his heart after they left. Penned by Matthew alongside Hunter Phelps, Brock Berryhill, and Andy Albert, the track sparks a newfound rage that breaks free throughout the singer/songwriter’s passionate vocals. Matthew continues to share nothing but honesty with his listeners, even if it means admitting that a change needs to be made in order to better himself. 

“Breakups are never easy,” Matthew noted. “I think we’ve all had those moments where you kind of lose yourself in a heartbreak — I know I have. When we wrote this one, we really wanted to explain that vulnerability because it’s just so relatable. ‘The Way I Am’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve released in a long time, and I’m so pumped for everyone to finally get to hear it.”

Stream the track HERE.

Tim Dugger – “Buy A Bar”

Tim Dugger is getting the party started and keeping the good vibes up all night long with his latest release, “Buy A Bar.” In an effort to try and drown the memories of a girl from his past, Dugger finds himself spending a bit too much on the number of drinks he has on a night out. This leads to the idea that he should just own his own bar since he’s already spent so much time there and it practically feels like home. Written by Brandon Kinney and Josh Thompson and produced by Brandon Hood, this song is a cheers-worthy anthem that also provokes a lighthearted take on the sadness behind a breakup.

“Don’t it make perfect whiskey sense / To be Countin’ dead presidents / Instead of goin’ broke tryin’ to fix this broken heart / Might as well buy a bar,” he sings in the upbeat tune. 

Stream the track HERE.

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