New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Colbie Caillat, Jameson Rodgers, Erin Kinsey, & More

This new set of music covers heartbreak, love stories and coastal jams.


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April 21, 2023

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Colbie Caillat, Jameson Rodgers, Erin Kinsey; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Teddy Robb – “Question the Universe”

Teddy Robb’s new song, “Question the Universe” was inspired by his very own love story. Old Dominion’s Brad Tursi felt so moved by Robb’s touching tale of romance that he couldn’t even wait until their scheduled writing session to pen the all-too-relatable lyrics. The rising singer/songwriter explores his emotions of finding the “right person” at the “wrong time” as he sings straight from the heart over a layer of soulful production. The story goes as such, Robb caught himself falling for a woman who was already in a relationship and planning to move across the country. The rest unfolds throughout his latest release. 

“Right person, wrong time / She’s perfect / God why’d you have to go do me so dirty like that / Give me everything I want and nothing I can have,” Robb sings in the chorus. “Right lover, wrong time / I wanna hold her / But somehow, she’s leavin’ in the mornin’ someone got to her first / And sh*t like this, makes me question the universe.”

Stream the song HERE.

Track45 – “Last Man In Tennessee” 

Track45 has compiled the best breakup remedies in their new song, “Last Man In Tennessee.” Heartbreak is no match for this witty tune that pays tribute to Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Johnny Cash, as they’re the ones who will always be there to lend a helping hand when life gets tough. The sibling trip made up of Ben, Jenna and KK Johnson penned their latest release alongside Ashley Gorley, Geoff Warburton, and Casey Smith. 

“This song is a comeback to that guy who thinks you’ll never get over him – your world doesn’t revolve around him anymore and it’s better that way,” Track45 shared. “It’s easy to feel depressed after a relationship ends and that you’ll never find the right one, but this song is a fun, lighthearted anthem to remind yourself “I’m so over him’ and there are plenty of fish in the sea.”

Stream the song HERE.

Erin Kinsey – “Bet My Heart”

In her new song, Erin Kinsey confidently reveals that she’s ready to “Bet My Heart” on love. Serving as the title track to the Texas native’s forthcoming EP, out May 19, the upbeat tune celebrates the power of jumping into something that feels right, even if it appears daunting at first. Co-written by Kinsey with Parker Welling and Josh Kerr, the rising star lets her shining enthusiasm out to play as she gives love a chance in the presence of some heart-pounding drumbeats and illuminating guitar riffs. 

“I don’t know how to do things halfway. It would’ve served me a lot of good knowing if I did, but unfortunately, I’m all in,” says Kinsey of the new track.  “I think the last song I wrote is the best song, and the last girlfriend I met is gonna be my best friend for life. I’m just all the way in. So it was cool to write a song about all of the positive aspects of that, too. You know, if you’re gonna bet on anything, you might as well bet on love.” 

Stream the song HERE.

Jameson Rodgers – “Built for Heartbreak”

Jameson Rodgers finds himself hitting a low point as he shuts out the idea of finding true love and claims he’s “Built for Heartbreak.” Throughout the mid-tempo track, the booming country star’s mastered vocals effectively lock down his numbing emotions from the surplus of pain in his heart. The songwriters behind this despairing song are Chris La Corte, Hillary Lindsey, and John Byron. 

“When I’m trying to decide which songs to record, I typically base it off of how many times I play it in my truck. This song survived that test and I’m so happy it did,” Rodgers revealed. “‘Built For Heartbreak” makes you FEEL the emotions of the lyrics. It takes you down the path of someone flirting with rock bottom and makes you feel like you’re right there with them. Whether you’re in that or not, anyone can relate to being in a similar season of life. As a songwriter, this is one that I wish I would’ve written, which is why I recorded it.” 

Stream the song HERE.

Niko Moon – “HEAVEN HAS A BAR” (feat. Zac Brown)

Niko Moon has joined forces with Zac Brown to drop the latest summer anthem, “HEAVEN HAS A BAR.” Written by Moon and Brown with Ben Burgess and Zach Abend, the new song channels the country stars’ signature coastal energy as they imagine the perks that they’ll one day find up in Heaven, such as an open barstool, endless cold drinks, concerts from country icons and more. The carefree vocals and breezy instrumentals make for the perfect beachside tune for any warm-weather day. 

“I hope heaven has a bar / Sip holy spirits out the jar / And every night is a Friday night / And every beer is cold as ice / I hope heaven has a band / Where all the Opry legends jam / A neon angel on a steel guitar / A little prayer from a country boy’s heart,” they deliver in the upbeat chorus. 

Stream the song HERE.

Colbie Caillat – “Worth It” 

Colbie Caillat has returned with her first solo release since her 2016 album, The Malibu Sessions. Her brand-new release, “Worth It,” was penned by the GRAMMY-winning artist alongside Liz Rose and AJ Pruis with production by Jamie Kenney. Throughout the heartwarming reflection, Caillat ponders over a past relationship that left its mark on her. While the couple is no longer together, there’s still an unspoken appreciation for their time together, noting “I know it wasn’t perfect / But loving you was worth it.” The tender track is also set to be featured on her upcoming album. 

“I think that everyone can relate to drifting apart from a past love,” said Caillat. “Although it’s a painful process, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to look back at that time in your life with new perspective and realize that what was gained from that relationship was worth all of the low points.”

Stream the song HERE.

Catie Offerman – “I Just Killed A Man”

In Catie Offerman’s fresh release, “I Just Killed A Man,” she isn’t confessing to murder, but she is admitting to causing heartbreak. The fast-rising country songstress cleverly spells out the pain of having to end a relationship and shares how being on that side of the situation can be just as difficult. Offerman penned the painful storyline with Ryan Beaver, Joe Clemmons Jessie Jo Dillon and Benjy Davis, and is produced by Dann Huff. The track filled with honesty, guilt, and Offerman’s signature Texas twang is also slated to country radio next month and will be featured on her upcoming debut project.

“No one’s ever said it like that before. It’s a different and brutally honest way of saying ‘I just broke this dude’s heart,’” says Offerman. “It’s about a guy I loved who I wasn’t meant to be with. 

“I love the line in the bridge that says, ‘just because it ain’t a crime, don’t mean I won’t be doing time.’ Even if you’re the one doing the breaking up, it still kills you like nothing else,” she adds. “I knew from the first second this song was spoken into existence that it was something special. My hope is that others feel that when they hear it.”

Stream the song HERE.

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