WATCH: Jameson Rodgers Falls In Love With Puppies On The ‘Pupdate’

Rodgers is a dog lover at heart.


Madeleine O’Connell

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April 11, 2023

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Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Country Now

The Country Now Pupdate is back with Jameson Rodgers!

Before even stepping into the Country Now Studio in Nashville, TN, Jameson Rodgers was already the proud owner of a Wags and Walks dog. As he got to know the young puppies of this animal rescue, he shared the story of how he adopted his pup, Star, at eight years old. 

“Got her last June, CMA Fest week, and she’s changed our lives for sure,” he shared. “She’s awesome. She’s one of a kind. She lays around and sleeps all day. She’s an old pup unlike these, but yeah, she’s awesome.”

While playing with these fun-loving puppies, Rodgers talked about touring and writing music with HARDY, dropping two new songs, balancing work and life with his wife, Sarah, and more.

Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Anna Clary
Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Anna Clary

“Good Dogs”

His love for these furry, four-legged pets shines in his song, “Good Dogs,” off his 2021 album, Bet You’re From a Small Town.

“’Good Dogs’ was a song that was a special song for me just because, you know, maybe at the time it had been a while since anybody had put a dog song out. When we wrote that song, it was my buddy, Hunter Phelps…he had just gotten a German Shepherd and had the idea. We were on a writing retreat and just talking about how these dogs can…this one is sound asleep,” he said, reaching over to pet the snoozing pup beside him. “But, just talking about how they can become family members and just how they, unfortunately, don’t get to be around as long as we do most of the time. So we wrote a song about it and it’s touched a lot of people for sure.”

Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Anna Clary
Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Anna Clary

Touring With HARDY

Rodgers is currently sharing his music on the road in support of HARDY’s the mockingbird & THE CROW Tour. This trek launched on February 16 and will run through April 29 when it wraps up in Irving, TX. 

“I mean, Hardy and I go way back. He’s one of my oldest friends here in Nashville, and yeah, he called me up, it was actually like this time last year. So we’ve been talking about it for years, just like how cool it would be to go on tour with each other. We go so far back that I can remember asking him why he wasn’t pursuing an artist’s career just cause everything he’s sang was always so good and the songs we were writing together were so good. It’s just cool to see him have the success he’s having right now and kind of get to tag along with him on tour for a few months.”

“Goin’ Crazy” + “Holding Me Back”

After breaking up bit of chaos among the puppies, Rodgers went on to discuss one of his more recent writes with HARDY titled, “Goin’ Crazy.” This song was released on February 16 along with another new track, “Holding Me Back.”

“’Goin’ Crazy’ is a song I wrote with HARDY, Josh Thompson and Zach Abend. We wrote this last summer kinda in the middle of a crazy season for me and HARDY, but we had a random Monday or Tuesday off and got together and we wrote it in just a couple hours. I heard ‘going crazy,’ the phrase, just in a conversation from someone. And I remember writing in my phone,” Rodgers explained. “I don’t have many love songs and so I was just thinking, you know, you could make that kind of a love song. Anyway, it turned out awesome. We teased it a couple times in the fall and people have been hitting me up about it ever since to put it out.”

This song explores the excitement surrounding a newfound love that makes him feel a good kind of crazy. Meanwhile, “Holding Me Back,” was penned by Rodgers with Brent Anderson, Jake Mitchell and Smith Ahnquist, and finds him facing the opposite effects from a relationship that’s on thin ice. 

Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Matthew Berinato
Jameson Rodgers; Photo by Matthew Berinato

“’Holding Me Back’ is, like you were saying, it’s the complete opposite. It’s this guy’s kind of broken hearted and kind of wanting to get over a girl. Just the classic country song, you know what I mean? Seeing your ex out and having a hard time resisting it.”

Both of these songs have set the tone for all the new music Rodgers has in store for 2023. 

In addition to touring with HARDY, Rodgers has also hit the road for a few dates with his wife and fellow singer/songwriter, Sarah Allison Turner. While they are both immersed in the music industry, it appears that they’ve found ways to separate their personal from their professional lives.

He explained, “We try not to bring our own stresses into the others, if that makes sense. Like we help each other, we give each other advice and if a song idea comes up organically, we’ll work on it. And if not, then we just don’t worry about writing together. It’s a super organic thing with me and her. We never really plan it out and we kind of prefer it that way.”

For more with Rodgers including who his dream co-writer would be, the current TV show he’s binging, his go-to truck stop purchase and more, click above to watch the Pupdate

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