New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Corey Kent, Charly Reynolds, Chase Wright, & More

These new releases will freshen up your playlist.


Madeleine O'Connell

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April 14, 2023

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Corey Kent, Charly Reynolds, Chase Wright; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are seven new country songs you need to hear right now.

Alyssa Micaela –  “If Texas Had A Heart

Alyssa Micaela has shared another glimpse into her debut album, The Hard Way, dropping April 28 via Queue Records. The newest release, “If Texas Had A Heart,” was penned by Micaela with Chris Rafetto and Ben Williams, and finds the newcomer delivering a sentimental message to anyone who has ever moved away from their home. In Micaela’s case, she pulls out her unwavering vocals as she imagines how differently her path could have looked if her hometown of Odessa, Texas had the ability to keep her from moving onto somewhere new. 

She sings, “If Texas had arms they would’ve pulled me in close / And if it had a voice it would’ve said please don’t go / If Texas had a smile it would shine big and bright / Like a Lonestar pointing me home in the middle of the night / If Texas was jealous it wouldn’t like Tennessee / But if Texas had a heart then Texas would’ve never let me leave.”

Stream the track HERE.

Austin Burke  – “Crazy, Crazy”

Austin Burke took on the challenge of re-writing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” to create a new version from the male perspective, which he calls “Crazy, Crazy.” Reprised by the budding artist with Brandon Day and giving credit to the original songwriter who gave the all-clear, Willie Nelson, the modernized tune marks the first single off Burke’s forthcoming debut album. While Cline sang about feeling “crazy” for falling in love with a man who ultimately let her down, Burke unleashes his dynamic passion as he makes it known that he’s in pain from watching his ex fall for someone new. 

This song has always been one of my favorites because I got the chance to grow up seeing my grandparents dance to ‘Crazy’ in the kitchen,” Burke shared in a press release. “Pop and hip-hop have been making classic hits for decades and I’m excited for country music to be a part of that conversation. I’ve never been afraid to step outside the box and try something that’s never been done before.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Charly Reynolds – “Flowers”

In her newest song, “Flowers,” female powerhouse, Charly Reynolds is discovering a new form of loneliness, one that develops from a lack of effort on her partner’s end that so many have experienced in relationships. While she daydreams of the days when he would open her car door and remember the “little things to make me smile,” she takes things into her own hands and buys “Flowers” for herself. The somber yet empowering lyrics were penned by the rising star alongside Rachel Wiigins and Caroline Watkins. 

“Sure would be nice to have somеone like that / Who tried just a littlе, is that too much to ask? / Did I push him away? / ‘Cause I don’t know when or why things changed / Maybe I’m crazy for staying this long / When half the time it’s like nobody’s home / Maybe I’m just not strong enough to walk away / But I bought myself flowers today,” Reynolds sings in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Brett Young – “Dance With You”

Brett Young celebrates the deep sentiment that can come from something as simple as swaying to the music with someone you love in his latest release via BMLG Records, “Dance With You.” The country star falls head over heels for the power of love as his stunning vocals add to the swoon-worthy tune, which he co-wrote with Jordan Minton and Jimmy Robbins. Young promises nothing but support for his other half as he sings, “When the days are easy, when the nights get long” sings Young, “I can be your strength, when you ain’t feeling strong.” The accompanying lyric video brings Young’s true love story to life through clips of his actual wedding day. 

“It meant so much to release a little bit of my own love story,” Young shared in a statement. “My wife and I have a bond that’s hard to put into words. This song and video let us relive the events of such a special day and the start of our journey. Getting to share it with the world made me even more thankful for what we have.”

Stream the track HERE.

Chase Wright – She Ain’t Takin’ Your Call

As Chase Wright celebrates life as a newlywed, he tackles a common frustration among couples in his new song, “She Ain’t Takin’ Your Call.” Trying to navigate a relationship when his partner’s ex won’t leave her alone makes for an added challenge. Luckily, Wright oozes confidence as he calmly details why she’s no longer taking his calls. The Indiana native revealed that even though he didn’t have a hand in writing the track he felt a personal connection to the storyline penned by Bobby Pinson, Matt Alderman, Will Weatherly and Tommy Cecil.

“I don’t cut a lot of outside songs, but when I heard ‘She Ain’t Takin Your Call’ it said everything I wanted to say in a song,” shares Wright. “It told a story I’d lived in such a cool and energetic way, with an energy I loved.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Parker McCollum – “Tails I Lose”

Parker McCollum is nearing the May 12 release of his next album, Never Enough. In preparation, he’s dropped several tracks off the project including his latest, “Tails I Lose.” Written by McCollum with Wade Bowen, Brad Warren and Brett Warren, the new heartbreak ballad layers classic steel guitar over a timeless phrase used to illustrate the game of love that he’s lost. 

“We hadn’t heard the phrase ‘heads you win, tails I lose’ in a country song before, so we started writing that idea over a melody and dropping all kinds of imagery about breakups,” McCollum explained. “When we got in the studio, Rob McNelley played that guitar sound and I was like, ‘That’s it.’ The guitar lick is so good, it sets the song up and does it justice. This song is just hardcore country. I love it and hope the fans do too.”

Stream the track HERE.

Corey Kent – “Something’s Gonna Kill Me”

In honor of Corey Kent announcing his third album, BLACKTOP, set for release on June 2 via RCA Nashville/Sony Music Nashville, he has dropped a new track, “Something’s Gonna Kill Me.” The Oklahoma native/Texas-based singer curated the exhilarating tune with Austin Goodloe, Joybeth Taylor and Lydia Vaughan. With a heart-pounding melody and untroubled vocals to match, Kent sings of living every day to the fullest because you never know when it’ll be your last. 

“‘Something’s Gonna Kill Me’ is a song I wrote about taking risks,” says Kent.  “Some of my favorite things in life could kill me, but they’re also the things that make me feel most alive. I love a Sunday afternoon motorcycle ride, I love smoking a cigar on my back porch with a good friend. This song is a realization that life is short, and you gotta takes some risks to make the most of it.” 

Stream the track HERE.

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