New Songs You Need To Hear Right Now: Tenille Arts, Chase Matthew, Alana Springsteen & More

This set of music contains a slew of heartfelt love letters and windows-down anthems.


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May 19, 2023

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Tenille Arts, Chase Matthew, Alana Springsteen; Photos Provided

Country Now is offering a look into some of the hottest new releases. We have selected a list of stand-out tracks that will freshen up your country music playlist and maybe even introduce you to a new crop of artists as they continue rising to the top of their game.

This set of new tunes is updated weekly to provide the latest selection of heart-breaking ballads, windows-down party anthems, steady love stories and more.  

Here are 11 new country songs you need to hear right now.

ERNEST – “Takes After You”

ERNEST sings his wife’s praises as he delivers a heartfelt prayer to all the women who lead by example for their children in his new song, “Takes After You.” The country star bares his heart throughout the lyrics of one of his most personal tracks to date in an effort to celebrate his other half, Delaney Royer, and all the wonderful things she does for their son, Ryman Saint. His sincere vocals glide through the narrative that finds him hoping his son takes after the actions of Jesus and Delaney, instead of following in his own “wild child” ways. The new song was penned by ERNEST with Jordan Schmidt and Josh Thompson and dropped just ahead of Mother’s Day.

“I heard someone talking to Johnny Cash in a video,” ERNEST shared in a press release. “They said ‘Johnny I’ve known ya a long time. I got a son now, and if he don’t take after Jesus, I’d be quite alright if he took after you.’ So I immediately thought, I couldn’t agree more with Ryman and Delaney. She is the most humble, kind, empathetic, nature loving, giving, selfless, and downright wholesome human I know. The things she’ll teach Ryman in this life by her actions will transcend anything he’ll learn in a building.”

Stream the track HERE.

Walker Montgomery – “Work To Do”

Walker Montgomery has crafted a fitting new soundtrack to pair with a night destined for a couple of rounds of something 90-proof to drown out the sorrows of the day. His latest release warns the bottle of whiskey that it’s got some “Work To Do” as he sings, “I’m on the rocks / So he’s on the clock / Until the job gets through.” The fiddle and steel-laced traditional country song was co-written by Montgomery with Adam Wood and Mark Irwin and marks the first single from his forthcoming EP. 

“We were talking about how you go into a bar and these poor ole boys are sitting there drowning their sorrows drinking alone.  I feel like anyone who has ever been through a hard time could relate,” Walker explained. “I think it’s a great song to introduce me to the folks who may not have heard of me yet… it’s very traditional.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Drew Baldridge – “Can She Have This Dance” 

Drew Baldridge unleashed a tenderhearted new song that chronicles a mother-son dance at a wedding. Released via Patoka Records, “Can She Have This Dance” was originally written by Baldridge alongside Adam Craig and Jordan Walker for his own wedding day. The sentiment of this special moment between a mother and her newly married son comes to life as the singer/songwriter asks his bride to let the other special woman in his life steal him away for this dance. Baldridge’s voice is sure to induce a teary-eyed listener while the elegant guitar plucks set the tone for such an important moment.

“I came up with the idea for ‘Can She Have This Dance’ ahead of my own wedding two years ago,” Baldridge explained. “My mom and I couldn’t find the perfect song for the two of us to dance to at my wedding, so I ended up writing this song for that moment. Now, I’m excited to release the song for other people to use on their own special days.”

Stream the track HERE.

Sam Hunt – “Women In My Life”

Sam Hunt is putting forth a well-thought-out reflection of all the things he’s learned over the years thanks to the “Women In My life.” While the country singer notes all the basic things he’s capable of doing on his own, like landing a job and driving a stick shift, he admits that if he didn’t have female role models to learn from, he wouldn’t be “half the man that I’ve become.” Hunt puts his pride aside as he delivers a round of honesty and great appreciation in the new song which he co-wrote alongside Ashley Gorley, Josh Osborne and Zach Crowell. 

“So much of the peace and joy I carry around as an adult comes from the women who raised me and poured love into my life throughout it. There’s no telling who or what I would be without them. God bless them all. I’m forever grateful,” he wrote on Twitter.

Stream the track HERE.

Chase Matthew – Where There’s Smoke”

Chase Matthew has the approaching summer weather in the palm of his hand as he unleashes a brand-new windows-down anthem, “Where There’s Smoke.” The Nashville native exposes his signature twang throughout the smooth melody as he takes listeners on a journey to finding the perfect summer night, equipped with a flaming bonfire, cold beer, some good friends and maybe even a bit of romance. Co-written by Matthew alongside Rodney Clawson, Alysa Vanderheym, Josh Miller, and Jordan Reynolds, “Where’s The Smoke” is slated to appear on the rising artist’s 25-track album Come Get Your Memory, due out June 9 via Warner Music Nashville. 

“Where there’s smoke there’s fire / Where there’s fire there’s boys / Where there’s boys there’s beer / And there’s bound to be some / Green-eyed Levi’s / Mama’s got no idea / She’s out here / And bout to see some / Blue dream burning in the southern lights / If you’re trying to get to / Where we’re at tonight / Hang a left at the church / Follow that dirt road / And drive real slow / And look for the smoke,” he sing in the chorus. 

Stream the track HERE.

Travis Denning – “Second Best Thing”

With his wedding just weeks away, Travis Denning is gifting the ultimate surprise to his future wife, Madison, through a new song that puts his emotions on display in the form of a heartfelt love letter. “Second Best Thing” was written by Denning, Nathan Spicer and Scooter Carusoe and recounts the journey leading up to the unforgettable moment he got down on one knee and popped the question with the ring that “shines just like a Georgia July sun.”

“I’m not necessarily the best gift giver, but I always like to think that I can express the way I feel best when I write,” Denning said honestly. “That’s definitely the case with me and Madison and our relationship, and my love for her. These songs felt like a nice gift that I wanted to give to her and show Madison and the world how much she means to me. She does not know these are coming out today, so I’m hoping that she really enjoys the surprise. Madison is pretty smart though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she, is onto me.”

Stream the track HERE.

Abby Anderson – “First To Hit The Road”

Abby Anderson is clearing her name after a recent breakup leads to a pit of false slander. Her new song, “First To Hit The Road” depicts the story of a woman who finally finds the courage to end things with her partner who’s been giving her far less than she deserves. Unfortunately, the pain-filled lyrics indicate that he tries to turn the problems on her since she was the one to cut ties. The honest piano ballad was penned by Anderson with Chad Jervis and Chris Deaton and serves as an empowering outlook for anyone who has found themselves living the same narrative. 

“So go on blame me, honey / Turn this whole town on me / Act like you were last to know,” Anderson delivers in the heartrending chorus. “And lie ’til you believe it / Say all I’m good for’s leaving / Just ’cause I’m first to hit the road / But baby you left me / Yeah, you left me A long time ago.”

Stream the track HERE.

Tenille Arts – Mama’s Eyes 

Tenille Arts is letting the world hear just how much love and respect she has for her mom as well as all the other moms out there in her new song, “Mama’s Eyes.” The singer/songwriter digs deep into her heart as she reflects on all the similarities she has with her mom, including their “light brown hair and olive skin.” However, once she reaches the commanding chorus, Arts reveals that she wishes she had the same Hazel eyes, not only because of the stunning color but also because of all the wisdom and kindness they hold. Arts joined forces with songwriters Alex Kline and Trannie Anderson to bring this song to life. 

“I wish I had my mama’s eyes / Those hazel ones that find silver linings / And always see the bigger plan / Sees the woman that I can’t / Seem to see looking through mine / Oh I wish I had my mama’s eyes,” she sings. 

Stream the track HERE.

John Morgan –  “Man Of Few Words”

John Morgan may be a “Man Of Few Words,” but his latest release proves that when it comes to that special person, he’s suddenly got a lot to say. Throughout the backroad-driven melody and vulnerable lyrics, the new song spotlights a generally quiet man who claims, “Unless you’re talking ’bout the girl I love / Then you can’t shut me up.” The North Carolina native’s mentor and fellow country star, Jason Aldean is responsible for producing the lovestruck tune along with his long-time bandmates and No. 1 hit songwriters Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy. Meanwhile, Morgan served as a co-writer with Jeb Gipson, Smith Ahnquist and Will Bundy.

“She’s itty-pretty, but she grew up in the country / She likes to dance, but only when she drinks / Her eyes give the sky a run for its money / And make a Tar Heel wanna go for Tennessee,” John Morgan delivers in the chorus. “She’s back roads, she’s main street, reminds me of home / She’s knocked out, shе’s locked down, I could go on and on / Talking your ear off, but if we’rе not talking ’bout her / I’m a man of few words.”

Stream the track HERE.

Alana Springsteen – “chameleon”

In the process of exposing her deepest insecurities, Alana Springsteen uncovers a certain relief from self-awareness in her new song, “chameleon.” The rising star’s raw honesty comes to life as she admits to her people-pleasing tendencies in the wake of trying to hold onto an unhealthy relationship and avoid loneliness. Named after a nickname given to her by her mother, “chameleon” showcases Springsteen’s brutally honest vocals as they seek new beginnings amid the building production. The new song was written by Springsteen with Sasha Alex Sloan, and King Henry, and marks the latest release from TWENTY SOMETHING: Figuring It Out. This project is set to drop July 14 as the second installment of her three-part debut album TWENTY SOMETHING.

“Through writing ‘chameleon,’ I learned how to love myself in ways I’ve always looked to others to love me in the past,” Springsteen shared. “I can tell you the freedom that comes along with that is exhilarating. I’m so grateful to Sasha [Alex Sloan] and King Henry for digging deep with me. It takes real courage to get this brutally honest and I’m thankful they were willing to go there. And to Paul [DiGiovanni] for co-producing this one with me. It’s hard to make a track feel vulnerable and spicy at the same time, but I think we nailed it.” 

Stream the track HERE.

Jameson Rodgers – “Mine For The Summer”

Jameson Rodgers unleashed a romance-filled tune that was partially inspired by his own love story with his wife Sarah Allison Turner. “Mine For The Summer” illustrates the giddiness of a summer fling that ignites at sunset and poses great potential for the remainder of the warm months. Joining forces with songwriters Brent Anderson, Smith Ahnquist, and Jake Mitchell, Rodgers had a hand in penning the high-spirited track that features the perfect level of blissful innocence. 

“’Mine For The Summer,’ ironically, is a song we wrote in the middle of the winter,” Rodgers revealed in a press release. “The song came from us talking about wanting to write a song that made us feel the same way ‘Iris’ from The Goo Goo Dolls did. I was heavily influenced by 2000’s rock almost as much as I was country,” he said before adding, “Brent had this title saved in his phone that he had tried to write before but couldn’t figure it out until we started playing this groove. It was the last song we wrote on the retreat. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever been a part of.”

Stream the track HERE.

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