‘New Truck’ is a Different Kind of Single for Dylan Scott — But It Still Has a Personal Touch

Dylan Scott isn’t known for breakup songs. If anything, the opposite: His latest No. 1 hit, “Nobody,” is a wedding…


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July 24, 2021


7:04 am

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Dylan Scott; Photo by Cody Villalobos

Dylan Scott isn’t known for breakup songs.

If anything, the opposite: His latest No. 1 hit, “Nobody,” is a wedding song-worthy declaration of love, so personal to the singer that he included his wife, Blair, and their two kids in its music video. Before that, Scott’s biggest hits have been “Hooked” and “My Girl” — which landed at No. 2 and No. 1, respectively — two giddily smitten, uptempo love songs also inspired by Scott’s own love story.

The singer’s newly-released “New Truck,” while still catchy and easy to dance along to, tells a different kind of story. In its lyrics, Scott plays the role of a guy who’s hoping to part ways with his beloved truck — not because there’s anything wrong with it, but because it brings back memories of the girl who broke his heart.

“I need one she ain’t climbed up in / That ain’t played her favorite songs / Need some glass that we ain’t fogged up / That her bare feet ain’t been on,” Scott sings in the chorus. “I need a hood that we ain’t laid on / Kissing ‘til that sun came up / That’s all that’s wrong with this one / If you’re looking, you’re in luck…”

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And yes, “New Truck” is a different kind of single than the ones he’s released in the past, Scott says. But fans who know him primarily as a happily-married family man might be surprised to learn that he can relate to this song, too, even if it doesn’t line up quite as literally with his current life stage.

“We’ve all been there, even me,” Scott tells Country Now. “I’ve been with my wife since we were 15 years old, but we broke up. We went through a couple months where we broke up for a little while, and it was tough…so I remember what that feels like. When I’m listening to this song, it takes me back to that.”

Plus, he’s excited to explore new territory and new subject matter, while still not straying too far from the kinds of love songs that have served him so well in the past. “I’ll be honest — the love songs, they’re working for me,” he adds with a laugh. “You don’t wanna change it up too much, but it’s still…I mean, it’s a breakup song, but it’s still a love song.”


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And it doesn’t hurt that “New Truck” was written by Hardy, Ashley Gorley, Hunter Phelps and Ben Johnson — an all-star quartet of hit-magnet country radio songwriters.

“The first time I heard [the song] I was in my truck, ironically — which was great,” Scott remembers. “I knew the moment I heard it I wanted to record the song.”

What stuck out to him, he explains, were the vivid, evocative details in the lyrics. “…Finding the chapstick, and the hair ties, and the pictures in the truck,” he offers as an example. “I just thought it was cool, the images they stuck in there. It’s a breakup song, but it’s a breakup song with attitude — and a little sadness at the same time.”

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