Newcomer Matt Schuster Makes His Mark With Major Label Debut, ‘Tell Me Tennessee’

“The song like really just speaks for itself and kind of where I’m at right now,” the country newcomer shared.


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September 22, 2023


11:50 am

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Matt Schuster; Photo by Robby Klein

Matt Schuster is country music’s next big thing.

Announcing his partnership with Warner Music Nashville on Wednesday (September 20), as well as releasing his major label debut single today (September 22), big things are on the horizon for the star-in-the-making.

Earlier this week, the Charleston, Illinois native announced that he will be joining the Warner Music Nashville family, an experience that he considered a “dream come true.”

Warner Music and Matt Schuster Signing; Photo by Alan Poizner
Warner Music and Matt Schuster Signing; Photo by Alan Poizner

“I think it’s been, you know, maybe a month or so that we’ve been kind of doing this, but we finally got to announce it to everybody and kind of let out the secret,” Schuster gushed in an exclusive interview with Country Now. “Warner, for me specifically, has just been so like open arms. They just are just great humans and they love music and they love getting it to people, and I feel that big time, and I know they love and respect how I do it, so it just felt like such a good fit of people who really just value me for what I do and how I do it.”

“I was fortunate enough to land a deal with them and a partnership, and it’s been a dream come true,” the budding country star continued with a grin. “About a year and a half ago, I was working at Jersey Mike’s, you know, so it’s pretty cool to have this thing that, you know, a lot of people dream about.”

To top things off, the co-chair and co-president of Warner Music Nashville, Ben Kline, shared his excitement to have Schuster join his record label: “Matt’s unique sound instantly drew us to him. Add to that his skill as a songwriter and the fan reaction he invokes, and the result is a very special artist that we are excited to partner with.”

Cris Lacy, fellow co-chair, and co-president, piggybacked off of this statement as well: “Matt’s voice has a quality and a range that will stop anyone in their tracks. There’s an instantaneous feeling that you’re hearing something material in a way you’ve never heard it before.”

Matt Schuster - Tell Me Tennessee
Matt Schuster – Tell Me Tennessee

With this new venture comes a slew of new music, beginning with the release of “Tell Me Tennessee” today, a track that is extremely personal to the soon-to-be country star.

“I think the song like really just speaks for itself and kind of where I’m at right now,” the country crooner prefaced. “I love a cinematic, nostalgic feel, especially reflecting on a relationship, so that’s very on-brand for me to have that kind of story.”

“A little deeper into it is, you know, like the first verse of this song talks about my last year, you know, paying my dues on Music City streets and kind of playing pieces of my heart everywhere, and just writing music and telling my story and meeting new people,” he explained. “It’s kind of like, ‘Hey, this has been my last year of life… Here’s a song kind of about that.’”

Aside from sharing his truth and having a personal connection to the track, “Tell Me Tennessee” is also about “a summer love kind of coming to an end,” making it relatable to country music lovers across the globe – not to mention it’s super catchy.

“I’m just really stoked about this song, because not only is it this amazing story about where I’m at right now… It’s also a dang good song,” Schuster shared with a smile. “I know you’re gonna hum it after the first time you listen to it. You’re just gonna be singing all day. It’s so catchy. It’s so feel-good and a great song in the car. I suggest it in the car with the windows down, that’s what I’ll say.”

YouTube video

When asked about the music video that coincides with “Tell Me Tennessee” (which also dropped today), the emerging artist revealed to Country Now that he is “so pumped for it,” prior to explaining what it exactly entails.

“It’s very eye candy, which is just perfect to pair with a song that’s very ear candy,” he teased. “I wanted a very cinematic feel… There’s performance shots and what not, but you could watch it and there not be any and it really takes you to this place. It takes you to a summer love or really just the heat of the summer. We’re kind of coming to the end, so it’s a good way to stick on or hold onto the summer just a little bit more, and this video gives me that feeling when I watch it.”

“It’s just a very feel-good, nostalgic feeling that you get from it, but also there’s these flashbacks throughout it, kind of perfectly placed, of this ex-lover who, you know, you’re flashing back to and you’re thinking about… In my stage of life, I really, really relate to it, and I really hope other people do too,” Schuster concluded.

Fans can stream “Tell Me Tennessee” now on all platforms. The track’s accompanying music video was directed by Quinton Cook and features scenes of beloved Nashville staples.

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