Priscilla Block Releases Honest New Song, ‘Me Pt. 2,’ In Anticipation Of Her ‘Welcome to the Block Party Deluxe Album’

Priscilla Block is opening up her heart and unveiling the truth behind why her bright light has been dimmed in…


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January 16, 2023

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Priscilla Block; Photo by Dustin Downing, CMA

Priscilla Block is opening up her heart and unveiling the truth behind why her bright light has been dimmed in her first release of 2023, “Me Pt. 2.”

“This is hands down one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. It was 2 o’clock in the morning – just me, my guitar and a piece of paper. Sometimes it’s the simplest songs that hit the most and for me, ‘Me Pt. 2’ is that,” Block shared honestly in a recent press release. 

Written by Block, this new tune finds a reflective narrative that has her staring into space that’s flooded with her daydreams of seeing an ex moving on with someone new. “Me Pt. 2” is portrayed in a diary fashion as the Raleigh, NC native draws from that experience of true heartbreak and grief. She takes a break from her upbeat, party anthems to show a new side to her glazed vocals that have proven to impress her listeners time and time again. 

“Was there something more in her baby blues you didn’t see in mine? / Did she give you a little bit more in bed every night? / I heard she’s five foot some change / Amazing grace, a little crazy / What is it she does that adds up that I couldn’t do? / I hope you’re happy / You found me part 2,” Block sings in the heart-wrenching chorus.

Released alongside a simple, yet powerful lyrics video, the painfully honest song will be featured on the extended version of Block’s debut album, Welcome to the Block Party Deluxe Album. These four additional tracks including Block’s latest release and her high-energy “Off The Deep End” are set to drop on February 10.

She continued, “This past year was really big for me, especially releasing my debut album. When we were selecting songs for Welcome To The Block Party we had so many songs to choose from, which is why I’m super excited for the deluxe album. Four more songs that complete the Block Party era.” 

Priscilla Block – Welcome To The Block Party Deluxe

This song follows Block’s powerful duet with Justin Moore titled, “You, Me, And Whiskey.” Written by Jessi Alexander, Brock Berryhill, and Cole Taylor and produced by Jeremy Stover and Scott Borchetta, this song tells the story of a couple who is longing to feel like themselves again after constantly getting wrapped up in the daily “nine-to-five” of life. Luckily, they end up making some much-needed time for themselves after “burning it at both ends” for way too long.

Last year, the artists revealed that they will be hitting the road together for The You, Me, And Whiskey Tour with shows across the Southwest and Midwest in February and April.

“Pumped to announce The You, Me, And Whiskey Tour next year with @priscillablock,” Moore shared on social media upon the tour announcement. 

Block was quick to respond, writing, “OH WE READYYY” in the comments section.

This trek follows the extended run of her headlining tour, which was also named after her debut project, and wrapped up on November 19 in Charleston, SC. 

The female powerhouse is also set to open for Shania Twain on select dates during her highly anticipated Queen of Me Tour. Priscilla Block’s next set of performances are slated for Friday (Jan. 13) and Saturday (Jan. 14) in Columbus, OH and Springfield, IL. 

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