Priscilla Block Talks ‘Off The Deep End,’ Reveals Which Bar On Broadway Fans Can Find Her ‘Shuttin’ Down’

Priscilla Block keeps the party going with her highly anticipated carefree anthem, “Off The Deep End.” The rising star caught…


Madeleine O’Connell

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August 24, 2022


2:19 pm

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Priscilla Block; Photo by Kayla Schoen/CMA

Priscilla Block keeps the party going with her highly anticipated carefree anthem, “Off The Deep End.”

The rising star caught up with Country Now to discuss the writing process of the song, revealing that it came together unexpectedly. Even though it was her day off, there was something telling Block she should get out of the house and write. So, she got together with songwriters Brandon Paddock and Martin Johnson, and the song was born.

“I went over to Martin’s house, and he had the idea, ‘the deep end’ in his phone and he was like, ‘I really don’t know, maybe it’s like, ‘meet me at the deep end’ and we kind of just started talking about it. I was like, ‘off the deep end’s really cool.’ So we just banged that song out and it’s become like one of my new favorites.”

She dubs “Off The Deep End” a “train wreck of a song, which is kind of me.”

With this track, Block belts out the intoxicating lyrics, letting her wild side take over. Her pity party has come to an end and she’s finally ready to show off her glowing personality by “hanging on a cowboy,” “letting loose” on the dance floor and “smoking camels out the backdoor.”

YouTube video

“You can find me at the bar, shuttin’ down Broadway/Going too hard, bat shit crazy/Somewhere you stick to the floor and only well on the pour/Yeah, I’m right back here again/Like it’s just another night hanging on a cowboy/Drinking Busch Light like a small town tabloid/Turn the dial up to ten, the whiskey’s fine, jump in/Going off, off, off, off, off the deep end,” she sings in the chorus.

Block first shared snippets of the song on social media, sparking an immediate reaction from fans, who begged to be able to stream it before summer ends. She finally dropped it with hopes that the full song would be received as well as the short clip had been already.

“When we wrote it, I had no clue where it was gonna land or what it would be,” Block told Country Now.

She added, “I didn’t realize the response was gonna be what it was. We got the demo back and I’m like, all right, let’s see what this might do on TikTok. I wish I would’ve been able to put it out sooner, but it was just timing and getting back in the studio to do it.”

The song is paired with an easy, breezy lyric video that features the young singer/songwriter floating along in the sky-blue pool, sippin’ from her tumbler. A day relaxing at the pool quickly turned into a photo and video shoot for Block.

Priscilla Block - Off The Deep End
Priscilla Block – Off The Deep End

“I had a Five Below float, I was like, we should do the picture now. I had no planning of like, maybe I should do myself up for this cover shot or lyric video. We were out there, and I was like, what if we just record like a two-minute thing of me just floating and we’ll make it a little visualizer? It was perfect.”

When Block isn’t writing, touring or floating around in relaxation mode, you can find her doing exactly what she sings about in the chorus, “shutting down Broadway.” The ever-so-popular Jason Aldean’s on Nashville’s infamous Broadway strip is a particular go-to spot for the singer.

“I love Jason Aldean’s. I feel like that’s just always a good time,” she said. “You can literally find me shutting down any bar real quick.”

“Off The Deep End” has not had its chance to be played live yet, but Block shared that she will definitely be adding it to the setlist soon.

With all the success she’s been seeing with her music and a nearly sold-out tour, the “Just About Over you” singer decided to extend her Welcome to the Block Party tour. This stint of shows is her first-time touring as a headliner, which was a bit daunting at the beginning, especially since she’s making a big effort to change the game as a female artist in the country music industry.

“The fans are just so incredible. We had such an amazing turnout with the first tour and that was my first time ever going out and doing headlining stuff. So that in itself is kind of scary because you’re like, ‘damn, I hope I can sell tickets.’ I kind of had the approach of, I feel like there’s this narrative that girls don’t really go to the clubs and those bars and a lot of people say that girls can’t sell beer. So my thing with the Block Party tour, I was like, I wanna go to the clubs, I’m gonna sell the beer and I’m gonna sell the tickets. Let’s change that narrative.”

Priscilla Block; Photo Courtesy CMA
Priscilla Block; Photo Courtesy CMA

The party will continue into the fall with the intention to double the venue size and keep building on the career she’s been pouring her heart and soul into for so many years.

Through her music, Block has become an inspiration to women everywhere, encouraging them to embrace their truest self and break out of the stereotypical norms.

“It’s just like, never feeling like you have to change. I think it’s easy to compare yourself all the time to other people and think that you gotta do things a little bit differently. At the end of the day, people just want your authentic, true self.”

Living in Nashville for eight years, she’s played in hundreds of bars, but her ultimate wish is just to “make a happy life and have fun along the way.”

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