Q&A: Kylie Morgan Details Debut EP: ‘Every Song Is A Chapter In My Life’

“Every song is a chapter in my life,” Morgan says.


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June 18, 2021


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Kylie Morgan; Photo by Katie Kauss

Kylie Morgan is offering fans a glimpse into her life with the release of her debut EP, Love, Kylie

The Shane McAnally and Ben Johnson-produced project boats six tracks that showcases all sides of the rising star, from the feisty “Break Things” to the vulnerable “Mad I Need You.” 

The Oklahoma native, who co-wrote each track on the EP, held nothing back when writing for the project. 

“This EP is the most personal thing I’ve ever created,” Morgan previously shared of the collection. “Every song is a chapter in my life, and I can’t wait for you all to listen and help me write the rest of the story.”

Country Now recently caught up with Kylie Morgan to chat about Love, Kylie, her inspiration for songs on the project, her recent engagement and more. Check out out exclusive Q&A below. 

Kylie Morgan; Photo by Katie Kauss
Kylie Morgan; Photo by Katie Kauss

Congratulations on the EP release! How does it feel to have a body of work out there for fans?

I can’t believe that after over a decade of writing songs and venting to my guitar about the things happening in my life, I finally am able to release a piece of my story through a series of songs. I realized at a young age how much I loved creating. At first it was for me. But then as I got older and started to release music I realized it was actually for everyone else. I want to be the voice people can turn to when they don’t know how to put their emotions into words.

I love that the project showcases different sides of your personality, from sassy to vulnerable. Was that intentional?

Just like anyone else, there are many sides to me and my story. My first single releases have all primarily been upbeat because I am mostly a very upbeat person if you meet me. My hope is to give the world a little light when it’s dark. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in my car and listened to sad songs. I knew that that part of me would be harder to release because of the personal connection but I knew that it would help others through their journey.

You’ve mentioned that this project is very personal to you. Were you ever nervous to put so much of your life out there?

I’ve always been a very open person with my emotions. I’m one of those people that you can immediately know what I’m thinking by reading it on my face. Ha ha Its hard for me to hide how I’m feeling. But the other times of envy and insecurity, it is hard to be so open. But I know that me being so unapologetic with my imperfections will hopefully give a different picture of the “ perfect public figure.” I used to try and do everything exactly right and please others for so long that I wasn’t being authentic to myself. I  realized that people related to me and my music more when I gave up the idea of trying to hide my imperfections. 

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“Cheating On You” was a standout to me on the project. What kind of headspace were you in when writing it?

The songs I chose for this project were very intentional as well as the order of the songs. I’m so thankful to have an amazing man by my side that I now get to call mine forever. But us being together for six years, as well as being separate touring artists, of course we’re going to have valleys in our relationship. There was a moment in time when I felt like even though we were together, we weren’t in the relationship I signed up for. Since we are so focused on our careers it can be very easy for us to take the effort off of each other and into our musical journeys. We have learned so much and realized we were worth fighting for. I hope this encourages others to do the same in their relationships.

I also kept going back to “Mad I Need You” – what’s the story behind that track?

This is exactly why I made sure “mad I need you “ came after “cheating on you,” and was the final track on the record. It symbolized the hardship in the valley that led to the wall I personally had to break down to be the best version of myself for my relationship and reach the top of that mountain. I’ve been such an independent, career driven woman for so many years it was scary for me to think that I had to rely on someone so much. The first time I got my heart broke I promised myself I would never put myself in that position again. Turns out it just took the right guy and the right kind of love for me to realize that’s no way to approach a relationship you see lasting forever. 

Songs like “Shoulda” and “I Only Date Cowboys” will be so much fun in a live setting. Are you planning to get back on the road now that things are opening up?

My live show is so important to me and I s the main reason why I continue to release upbeat and fun songs. I feel like people go to concerts to have a good time and forget about their lives and I want to give them that chance with songs like these. I have missed performing more than I can ever explain and I’m so excited to say that we are finally booking dates again and festivals and offers for live shows are coming in every day. 

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What do you hope fans take away from listening to the EP?

The reason I made this body of work so versatile is because I want every person out there to feel like they have a song on the EP. My hope is to one day release enough songs that every listener can feel like at least one was written just for them. 

What was it like working with this incredible lineup of songwriters for the project?

 I have been so lucky to find creative collaborators that have helped me say things I have felt that even I couldn’t put into words. It’s been so incredible to put this first introduction of my self into the world with such talented and incredible humans. 

Congrats on your engagement! Are you still on cloud nine?

I feel like all the excitement we missed in 2020 happened within two weeks. Ha ha I am so in shock that I am going to be a wife someday soon. I’ll be honest, I always hated that word. Because I felt like it meant I would always be “under” someone. That the man is the leader and I just follow. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized that word is what you make it. That word and how you take on that role is the difference of that meaning. Jay and I truly have such an equal partnership that I have always craved and wanted and it’s taken me a long time to realize that we could have that and that tradition doesn’t defy us.


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How is wedding planning going?

 I’ll be honest, I am not the planner in this relationship. Ha ha Jay has always been so amazing when it comes to any plan we do whether it’s a vacation or performance together. There has been very little talk about the big day because for me it’s less about the day and more about the meaning of what that day truly symbolizes. 

Do you and Jay collaborate on music while at home together or do you keep home/work life separate?

I truly am so thankful to have someone I can do life with that actually understands my every day struggles and achievements. What’s crazy is we really don’t write a lot together and yet every time we do, we always end up choosing those songs for future or current releases. We actually wrote, “I only date cowboys,” over quarantine together with one of our good friends Nate Kenyon. Jay and I were together and Nate was on zoom. We knew we wrote something special that day and the response to this song has been so incredible. It makes it even better knowing that jay helped me write It.

What’s next for you career wise? 

Me being the type of person I am, my brain is already thinking about the next project. The goal is to be out on the road as much as possible and continue to write songs that I can release down the line that continue to tell my story and hopefully relate to others. I will always be thinking about what’s next but working harder on just being in the moment. 

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