RaeLynn Celebrates 100 Million Streams Of ‘Baytown’ in Style

RaeLynn; Photo by Acacia Evans
RaeLynn; Photo by Acacia Evans
RaeLynn; Photo by Acacia Evans

True to her roots and small-town charm, RaeLynn received a major accomplishment of officially hitting 100 million streams on her latest album, Baytownreleased in September of 2021Named after her hometown in Texas, the platinum star paid tribute to the place that shaped her into the woman and artist she is today throughout the project.

In honor of the news of the major milestone, RaeLynn’s team surprised her with a custom denim jacket made by celeb stylist, DanielXDiamond. The white denim has rhinestone fringe with the words “BAYTOWN” and “100 MILLION.” Following the lettering is a message that says, “empowered women empower women.” In addition, there are several daisy patches in honor of RaeLynn’s daughter, Daisy Rae, who was born in September. 

“This year will be my 10th year living in Nashville. I’ve released a lot of music that I’m proud of, but BAYTOWN was my first independent release as an artist. I was nervous, but I had faith because I knew my fans believed in me and the music I was writing. Reaching 100 MILLION streams has proved to me that taking chances and continuing to follow what feels uncomfortable is always the way to go. The music I release going forward will always have the spirit and confidence I had while creating BAYTOWN. Fearless, Vulnerable, Bold and always Country,” RaeLynn shares.

In addition to fans raving about the album, she also got a shoutout from some of her famed friends:

“Rae’s like our little sis and we’re so proud to have championed BAYTOWN on Round Here Records,” shares Brian Kelley, of Florida Georgia Line. “We love watching you shine, Rae! Congratulations on 100 MILLION global streams!”

“We feel extremely blessed to have known Rae for many years now and have watched her maintain a clear vision of who she is – both as an artist and person,” Tyler Hubbard added. “BAYTOWN reflects all that she is and more, and we’re just so happy for her continued success.”

RaeLynn will be making stops in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and New Hampshire while supporting Kane Brown on his Blessed & Free Tour starting in May.

For a list of dates, click here.

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