RaeLynn Encourages Kids To Be Kids Again In New Book, ‘Raisin’ Me A Country Girl’

The book was inspired by RaeLynn’s daughter, Daisy.


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July 12, 2023


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Racheal Davis, known professionally as RaeLynn, partnered with Brave Books to release a children’s book titled Raisin’ Me A Country Girl. The book shares the same title as her hit song, and it follows the adventures of a country girl who is not afraid to let her country roots shine. 

Her book, Raisin’ Me A Country Girl, illustrates a sundress-wearing, pink jeep-driving little girl named Daisy who isn’t afraid of a little mud and loves her Pup Pup. Pup Pup later runs away, and Daisy has to gather all of her farm friends to help her look for him. She travels in her pink Jeep, and a new blue dress. During the search, she runs into many difficult obstacles that she overcomes without hesitation. By the time she returns home though, she realizes that her new dress is ruined and covered in mud. The story concludes with Daisy’s mother acknowledging the fact that she used to be just like her daughter when she was a little girl.

RaeLynn - Raisin' Me A Country Girl
RaeLynn – Raisin’ Me A Country Girl

The story comes from RaeLynn’s own experiences growing up and the experiences she’s had with her own daughter, Daisy. The Texas native shared that she remembers playing outside in a sundress with her dog and her goats and that she wants her daughter to be able to grow up in that same way.

“The values expressed in this song were instilled in me at a very young age, and now I want to pass them on to my daughter,” RaeLynn said in a release. “I love ‘Raisin’ Me A Country Girl’ because it celebrates being strong, and that’s what I want Daisy to be – a strong, sweet, tough girl who knows what matters most in life.”

The objective of Raisin’ Me A Country Girl is to inspire kids to be kids again. It has a nostalgic feel to it as the illustrations remind readers of the “good ole days.” They take you through the feelings of being young, going on fun adventures outside, hanging out with friends, and using your imagination.

“When writing this book, I kept remembering how much fun it was to play outside for hours and use my imagination,” RaeLynn stated. “I wanted to convey the message that allowing kids to be kids by letting them explore might get a little crazy and dirty but at the end of the day is freeing.”

Recent research from OnePoll showed that 57% of parents are worried that their kids are not playing outside enough and they found that American children spend 35% less time playing outside freely than their parents did. 65% of parents surveyed said that they played outside every day during their childhood, while less than 30% of their children do the same today.

Along with RaeLynn’s book, BRAVE books aim to teach valuable lessons and morals as well as motivate children to play, get dirty, and freely use their imagination. ‘Raisin’ Me a Country Girl’ is available for preorder and it will officially release on July 17th.

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The announcement of her book comes on the heels of the release of RaeLynn’s latest song, “What’s Wrong With That?.” 

“I’ve always been a strong woman and very independent but I am not going to lie… I love being married. I’ve been married 8 years and it’s nice being takin care of and treated like a lady so I wrote a song about that. I can do all the tasks that the song references, but it sure is better watching a man do it,” RaeLynn shared in a statement. 

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