Trace Adkins’ ‘Somewhere In America’ Music Video Honors The Unbreakable Spirit Of Mayfield, Kentucky

“I think Mayfield is representative of all those communities that have had to come together in light of these terrible storms,” he said.


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July 12, 2023

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Trace Adkins; Photo Courtesy YouTube

Trace Adkins puts an emphasis on hope and the resilient spirit of Americans through his recently-released music video for “Somewhere In America.” 

The official “Somewhere In America” music video premiered on July 7 and is an inspiring clip that tells the story of the town of Mayfield, Kentucky.  

“Somewhere In America” was directed by Mike Stryker and co-produced by Stryker and Andrew Rozario. It was filmed during Adkins’ “Somewhere In America: A Concert for Mayfield,” on May 20. The purpose of the concert was to help heal the Western Kentucky region after a deadly tornado in 2021 took more than 50 lives and destroyed thousands of homes. Adkins’ video showcases the rebuilding of the Mayfield community and their strong spirits remaining untouched.

YouTube video

The beginning of the video explains the devastation that occurred. 

“On the evening of December 10, 2021, an EF4 tornado struck the city of Mayfield, KY. The 194 MPH winds caused catastrophic damage. Tragically, 24 lives were lost in Mayfield and Graves County. The tornado’s path destroyed many homes and buildings, but one thing remained untouched. The resilient spirit of the citizens of Mayfield. Mayfield….This one is for you,” it reads. 

“It seems like over the last couple years we could have picked a lot of places,” Adkins explained to CMT’s Cody Alan. “I think Mayfield is representative of all those communities that have had to come together in light of these terrible storms. We just wanted to come in here and give them a pat on the back and say, ‘There are people out there that haven’t forgotten about you.’ That’s what I was hoping to do.”

Trace Adkins- A Concert For Mayfield
Trace Adkins- A Concert For Mayfield

Throughout the remainder of the video, Adkins performs to a crowd at Mayfield High School’s CFSB War Memorial Stadium in honor of what the tornado did not destroy. Community members are featured working closely together and lending a helping hand to the neighbor next door. It perfectly illustrates what it means to be an American and show up for the struggling stranger nearby.

Adkins also highlighted stories of Mayfield survivors through several posts on Instagram. The country star and his team spoke with several survivors while in town shooting the music video.

“Their stories exemplified that there’s still good people willing to help out somewhere in America,” he pointed out.   

The song “Somewhere In America” can be found on Adkins’ 25-song album, THE WAY I WANNA GO. It was produced by Mickey Jack Cones and Derek George, and written by Jon Nite, Hunter Phelps, Michael Hardy, and Zach Crowell. The lyrics describe what it’s like to be part of a small town community and lean on each other when the going gets tough.

“It could be Carolina, could be California / There’s a dirt road class with a shirt on their back / If you ask, they’ll put it right on ya / They say the world is endin’ / But from where I’m standin’, there’s still a jug to share / Couple bucks to spare, still got a prayer / Somewhere in America / Somewhere in America,” Adkins sings in the chorus.

Trace Adkins, The Way I Wanna Go
Trace Adkins, The Way I Wanna Go

Trace Adkins named his latest tour after the song. “Somewhere In America 2023 Tour” has taken the “Just Fishin’” singer nationwide, headlining in cities all across the United States. 

His next scheduled tour date is set for July 21 at the Shooting Star Casino in Mahnomen, MN. Click HERE to view a complete list of upcoming tour dates. 

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