Randall King Debuts ‘You In A Honky Tonk’ Music Video Featuring TikToking Fans

King’s buzzed-about track went viral on TikTok.


Madeleine O’Connell

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January 27, 2023


9:16 am

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Randall King; Photo via YouTube

Warner Music Nashville artist, Randall King, earned resounding praise on his fan-favorite, “You In A Honky Tonk,” when the song went viral on TikTok. Now, he’s gathered a group of two-step partners in one of middle Tennessee’s last remaining true honky tonks to bring the tune’s alluring lyrics to life in his latest music video. 

The recent fame on social media stemmed from the user known as, LonestarTequilaBar, who started a trend using the song as the soundtrack to his thigh-grabbin’ new line dance. That being said, it only made sense for King to include these dancers in the video as well. 

“Naturally when it came time to shoot the music video, we had to have the ‘You In A Honky Tonk Two Step’ featured,” King shared, “and who better to star in this than the ones who made it famous!”

After already amassing millions of listens and spawning tens of thousands of videos on social media, King took things a step further when he filmed a full music video of his own, with the direction of Brooke Greenberg. 

The video was shot in Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk, which also serves as the location for his first headlining show in state of Tennessee. As King walks into the familiar spot, he heads straight for the bar to grab a drink. Once he’s settled in, he turns to see a crowd on the dance floor, swinging their partners around to his sensual track, while others play a round of pool and gather together to sip on some drinks. 

“Listen, baby, you can put on anything / What drives me crazy / Is seeing you in a honky-tonk / The way you’re slipping that neon on / Girl, there ain’t a look you can’t pull off / But nothing turns me on / Like you in a honky-tonk,” King sings.


YouTube video

Just as the chorus hits, two strangers catch each other’s eye from across the bar, leading them to get close as they sway on the dance floor. As the night comes to a close, King steals the bartender, played by his real-life girlfriend Brittany, for one last dance.

His latest production adds to King’s collection of music videos that feature a variety of dance moves between loved ones, in an effort to match the tone of his intimate tracks. It also marks the second video that he’s filmed at Cahoots, following his song “Record High.”

“In West Texas, if you don’t keep ‘em on the dance floor you aren’t doing your job,” King speaks of his early days playing for tips and growing his touring base. “When I booked my first headlining gig in Tennessee, I couldn’t believe we pre-sold-out Cahoots Dancehall & Honkytonk. It’s kinda become a tradition to bring these songs to life there just like I remember that first night on their stage. First with our ‘Record High’ music video, and now, with a song named ‘You In A Honky Tonk,’ you have to go to a real honkytonk for the video.”

YouTube video

Shot Glass

Written by John King, Matt Rogers and Brandon Day, the Bart Butler and Ryan Gore-produced, “You In A Honky Tonk” is a featured track off King’s 2022 major label debut, Shot Glass

Carrying on the traditions from his roots, the Amarillo, Texas native has made a name for himself with his twang-ridden vocals and traditional tales that are reminiscent of beloved country songs of the past. This is proved once again in “You In A Honky Tonk,” which pays a special tribute to the feeling of connecting with someone as they dance it out on the hardwood floor of a honky tonk. 

Randall King; Photo by Nick Zimmer, CMA
Randall King; Photo by Nick Zimmer, CMA

This year, Randall King will hit the road from Montana to the Carolinas and every state in between for his slew of shows. He is next slated to take the stage on January 27 in Corpus Christi, TX, US.

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