Chris Janson Finds Inspiration In His Wife, Kelly, For New Single, ‘All I Need Is You,’ Confirms Next Album

Janson says this track “stands out” among his other love songs.


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January 27, 2023


10:00 am

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Chris Janson; Photo by Dustin Haney

With the release of his new tender-hearted song, “All I Need Is You,” on Friday (Jan. 27), Chris Janson makes his label debut with Big Machine Label Group (BMLG). 

The love song, which is slated to impact radio airwaves on February 10, was written by Janson along with Brad Clawson, Ashley Gorley, and Mitch Oglesby, and inspired by his relationship with his wife, Kelly.

“The whole overview of the song is, all I need is you, my wife. Kelly’s my best friend, of course, and the person I love most in this world. So, you know, it was a really a love song about her in full,” Janson told Country Now

While the chart-topping singer/songwriter has written several romantic tunes throughout his career including “All In” and “Love Don’t Sleep,” this new tune certainly strikes a chord for Janson.  

“I love my previous love songs and of course, I’ll probably have more, but with this one, it just stands out,” Janson explained. “I think just because of the timing of when it was written and where it was written, those kinds of things. It was just real, you know, it was coming out of a pandemic, nobody really knew what was gonna be happening with life or jobs or anything, and I was just writing to be writing, which makes me feel really good, just writing real life stuff, which is love.” 

The lovebirds tied the knot on July 4, 2010, and are parents to four children, two of which are from Kelly’s previous marriage.

“When that sun goes down at the end of the day / There’s just one thing I can’t lose / If you’re by my side I’m better than alright / Baby, all I need is you,” he sings in the chorus. 

These stunning words from the heart were captured as his calm vocals turn the deep sentiment into a breath of fresh air among the mid-tempo melody. 

“Even from the recording process, I just think it sounds better,” he continued. “I love the beat of it, I love the feel of it, and it makes me feel good, which in turn, I think makes other people feel good.”


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Real-Life Inspiration

Since he was sharing the real-life aspects of his journey through the song, Janson decided to incorporate elements of their everyday life. For instance, he sings of wanting to take a trip in a Chevrolet to a beach house on 30-A, which is something they do that on a regular basis since they do in fact have a house that sits on the Gulf of Mexico.

“When we wrote it, everybody was still writing over Zoom. So we happened to be at the beach at the time, and I just started just spouting off the truth of what was really happening. We drove down to the beach in a Chevrolet and we were sitting at the beach house doing the deal,” he shared. “And at the end of the day, no matter what kind of chitter chatter is going on in the world or what’s going on in our lives or work or whatever, all I need is her to make me happy and it’s the truth. So that’s where it came from.”

While Janson made it clear that he feels strongly about the final product, he also shared that his wife, who acts as his regular muse, feels the same way. 

“I think she’s really proud of it, I really do. I don’t think, I know she’s very proud of it and I’m very proud of it too. We have a special thing in our relationship. Not only are we married, but we’re best friends, legitimately,” he said of their close-knit relationship. “And we get along really good and we work really good together. We do everything together; we are one in that sense. So, it’s pretty damn cool and love writing about her. She’s easy to write about.”

New Album On The Way

“All I Need Is You” is a glimpse into Janson’s upcoming album, which he teased is set to drop this summer. For him, this song checks all the boxes and stands out as the tender tune among the rest of the hard-hitting sounds that will be heard throughout the collection. 

Chris Janson - All I Need Is You; Courtesy of BMLG-Harpeth 60 Records
Chris Janson – All I Need Is You; Courtesy of BMLG-Harpeth 60 Records

“Even though there’s a lot of rowdy, raucous, rock and roll country stuff on this record, which is a lot of who I am, a lot of screaming harmonica and guitars and stuff like that, you gotta have moments, in my opinion of reflection. There’s not much slowdown on here, but when we do, it’s important.”

Having this variety of tracks shows off the Missouri native’s sense of realism and ability to capture his true passion for the craft of songwriting. Some lucky fans even got to hear the new song before its official release when Janson played it live on his headlining Heavy & Western Tour.

Chris Janson; Photo by Getty Images, ACM
Chris Janson; Photo by Getty Images, ACM

“I just started playing it live this past week, and I watched an arena full of people adapt to a new song as if they had heard it 30 million times. That really says a lot,” he explained. “It’s such a natural thing for me. I don’t have to pretend to live it. I’m living it, so I’m living, walking, talking, breathing, eating, sleeping, this song. It’s my lifestyle every day.”

On The Road

Chris Janson is in the midst of his headlining trek which kicked off December 17. With support from Tim Montana and rising star Shane Profit, the country star will make stops in name Michigan, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas and more, before wrapping up in Redwood Falls, Minn on July 8. 

His next show is slated for January 28 in Santa Fe, NM at the Buffalo Thunder Resort Casino. 

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