Restless Road Reveals Surprises From ‘The Bachelor’ Following ‘Bucket List’ Performance

“We have been die-hard fans,” Restless Road admits.


Tiffany Goldstein

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January 31, 2022


3:21 pm

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Restless Road; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Restless Road, will you accept this rose? 


When Zach Beeken and Colton Pack were tirelessly striving for success on The X Factor, every Monday evening, they would hide out in Beeken’s basement and flip on ABC’s The Bachelor. While sipping on refreshing root beers – the two would unwind, escape reality, and watch musicians make a grand appearance on romantic one-on-one dates. 


Yet,  it wasn’t until Season 20, starring Ben Higgins, when Garrett Nichols finally jumped on the Bachelor Nation bandwagon. After watching the franchise support rising talents, Restless Road made the conscious decision to include the reality show on their bucket list. 


“We have been die-hard fans, and we have kept up with all the tea and all the drama throughout the years,” the men of Restless Road confidently revealed in an exclusive Country Now interview. Therefore, when the heartthrobs received a call from ABC requesting their presence to sing “Growing Old With You” for Bachelor Clayton Echard – they said “yes” with no hesitation. 


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 “We were driving, screamed, and almost swerved off the road,” said Beeken while laughing. “One of our biggest bucket list items was to be on The Bachelor, and it came true,” Nichols chimed in to mention. 


When it was time to perform the moving melody for Echard and his lucky lady, the band disclosed that butterflies instantly began to flutter within them. “It was nerve-wracking because we were in this room with the stage, and there were these big sliding doors. We had to be dead silent. It was intimidating because we had to wait for the doors to open, and when they opened, we had to start the song,” shared Beeken about the buildup to the intimate moment. “Finally, the bachelor and his date came through, and they danced to our song. It was very passionate, and there was a lot of romance in the room.”


Restless Road continued to confess that they were pleasantly surprised that the love portrayed on the big screen was not just a narrative made for reality show junkies, but real. “It’s all cut and dry. What you see on TV is pretty much like what’s going on,” Nichols told Country Now reporter Tiffany Goldstein. However, the men did not fail to mention that they were stunned when the couple didn’t actually eat their dinner on the date. 


“On the date…they don’t eat!” said Beeken, completely dumbfounded. “You know what’s even more crazy? We ate the dinner! They were on a barbecue date, and we ate ALL the leftovers. Restless Road doesn’t let barbecue go to waste,” Pack exposed while smiling ear to ear. 

Restless Road; Photo by Angelea Presti
Restless Road; Photo by Angelea Presti


While they were thankful to have the finger-lickin’ extravaganza on the set of The Bachelor, they continued to express their gratitude towards the franchise that gave them the powerful platform to share a performance of their new single,”Growing Old With You,” penned by Jordan Reynolds, Jordan Minton, and Lady A’s Charles Kelley


“We have seen from the past how much the Bachelor fan base reacts to musical guests on the show. A lot of artists on there, and their songs really kind of explode. So, we’re hoping the same can happen,” the breakout stars said. “I think when people see the bachelor in his state, in that romantic setting, it will all kind of click. I think a lot of people will be drawn to it. We hope a lot of people use this song for their first dance at their weddings.” 

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Throughout The Bachelor history, devoted fans have witnessed hitmakers such as Dolly Parton, Luke Bryan, Chris Lane, Brett Young, Tenille Arts, Chase Rice, and Laine Hardy perform on the show. However, Restless Road’s appearance is destined to be a special one, as the moving melody “Growing Old With You” could potentially be the soundtrack to Clayton’s fairytale love story. 


Although note-worthy love advice is beautifully delivered within their harmony-driven track, the trio took it amongst themselves to give Clayton some words of wisdom. 


“Just trust your gut. I think it’s really hard to know who is ‘there for the right reasons,’ but you can tell when someone is being genuine or really into you. I would try to put the reality side on hold and focus on the connection you have with the different girls and see who is the best fit,” preached Nichols. However, Pack, who is happily married and a father of two – shared that Clayton should focus on each contestants personality and imagine “growing old” with them.  


Restless Road’s episode of The Bachelor is scheduled to air on ABC on Monday, January 31 at 8/7c. Nashville’s most promising trio is currently closing out their run with multi-platinum artist Kane Brown and is set to embark on their Bar Friends Tour come April. 

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