Riley Green Sets Himself Apart On ‘Different ‘Round Here’

Riley Green’s long-awaited debut album, Different ‘Round Here, arrives this Friday. The album features 14 tracks, each written or co-written…


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September 18, 2019

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Riley Green; Photo by Connor Dwyer

Riley Green’s long-awaited debut album, Different ‘Round Here, arrives this Friday. The album features 14 tracks, each written or co-written by the Alabama native.

The project is a true reflection of who Green is as an artist, which is something that he says was very important to him when writing songs for the album.

“One thing I noticed when I came to Nashville was, there’s a lot of talent here. And there’s a lot of people writin’ songs and a lot of country music singers that sing better than me, are better looking than me, they’re taller, or got nicer boots, or whatever it is,” Green recently explained. “So, for me to set myself apart, I think the best thing you can be in this day and age is different musically.”

In an effort to differentiate himself from everyone else on the country charts, Green turned to his Alabama upbringing to inspire him.

“I’ve never spent a lot of time up here, so my influences were really from back home. They were from a different place, and that was one thing that stood out to me about Different ‘Round Here, was that that song kinda captured that idea of this is who I am, this is where I’m from, this is the kind of things are important to me. It may be a little bit different but that’s just how I am. And that’s kind of overall gist to this record,” he shared, adding, “Hopefully, a lot of people grew up the same way and have some of the same values. And that’s kinda what I hope in my songwriting is, it’s about my life, it’s about personal experiences but maybe somebody can relate to it and maybe I can tell ‘em a story about my life that’ll make ‘em feel a certain way.”

After independently releasing several songs and EPs, Different ‘Round Here marks Green’s first full-length project. It’s something Green and his fans are equally excited about.

“The way I did it was as I wrote a song, I just released it. And so my fans got used to gettin’ a lot of music really quickly,” he said. “I know that the buildup for this full-length record has been a pretty exciting thing for all them, and it certainly has for me, so it’ll be really cool to get this whole project out and let ‘em hear it.”

Riley Green is currently in the midst of his headling Get That Man A Beer Tour. He’ll soon join Jon Pardi on the Heartache Medication Tour and next year, he’ll open up for Jason Aldean on the 2020 We Back Tour.

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