Scotty McCreery Reveals He Almost Changed The Lyrics Of ‘In Between’ Before Sending It To Radio

Following the incredible success of “Five More Minutes” and “This Is It,” Scotty McCreery is back at country radio with…


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August 6, 2019

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Scotty McCreery; Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Following the incredible success of “Five More Minutes” and “This Is It,” Scotty McCreery is back at country radio with “In Between,” the third single from his Seasons Change album.

The song, which McCreery co-wrote with Frank Rogers, Jessi Alexander and Jonathan Singleton, is a bit autobiographical for the American Idol alum, however, there’s one lyric that doesn’t quite fit his current lifestyle.

As a married man, the lines “I’m a far cry from being/ A one night stand/ But I ain’t ready/ For a ring on my hand,” are a far off from McCreery’s truth. In a recent interview, the singer/songwriter revealed to Country Now and other reporters that he and his team actually contemplated changing up the lyrics prior to the song’s release.

“I wrote the song a week after writing ‘Five More Minutes,’ so it would have been 2015,” he recalled. “At that point in my life, I was still finishing up my college career, two and half years there at NC State, still living on my own and still not engaged or anything like that. When we were talking that day, it was just kind of who I was as a person at that time and explaining it through song lyrics. I feel like a lot of folks at that point, and sometimes still, had painted me as this like holier than heaven kid who never messes up. I’m like, ‘man, I’m human like everybody else,’ so I kind of conveyed that in a song.”

“The one major thing that’s changed since we wrote it was the line “a far cry from being a one night stand, but I ain’t ready for a ring on my hand,’” he continued. “[It] made a lot of sense in 2015. [It’s] a little different now. I love this ring on my hand.”

They ultimately decided against changing the lyrics. McCreery said he is happy with their decision and felt like the song “didn’t lose its credibility” simply because of that one line.

McCreery will take “In Between” and the rest of his hits on the road throughout the fall.

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