See Jason Aldean Tattoo Kane Brown with ‘Ink Master’ Champion Bubba Irwin

Kane Brown and Jason Aldean had a tattoo party on Monday (July 27) at the Aldean house. The superstars were…


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July 27, 2020


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Jason Aldean and Kane Brown; Photos Courtesy Instagram

Kane Brown and Jason Aldean had a tattoo party on Monday (July 27) at the Aldean house. The superstars were accompanied by their wives, Katelyn and Brittany, as well as tattoo artist Bubba Irwin.

During the Brittany Aldean-labeled “tattoo party,” Aldean and Brown both acquired fresh, new ink. Aldean gave “a little shoutout to his Florida roots” with a beach scene and Brown got an impressive gorilla piece.

Brown revealed that Aldean even got to try his hand at tattooing him in a few late-night Instagram stories. The video clips showcased Aldean adding “a solid black spot” to the piece while being guided by Irwin. You can see Aldean tattooing Jason in the below video.

YouTube video

Brown’s detail-oriented gorilla piece really brought the wow-factor, even with Aldean lending a hand for a line in the final piece.

In the above video, you can hear Irwin guiding Aldean through the process of tattooing, telling him to put a “solid black spot” in a certain place on the tattoo all while Brittany Aldean films from the background as the wives laugh at the hilarious commentary by Brown.

Brown, who appeared to be a bit nervous while Aldean was in control of the tattoo needle, can be heard saying “oh my God” before Aldean put the needle to Brown’s skin where he reacted saying “God heavy hand, Jesus.”

Aldean quickly learned the ropes from Irwin as he replied “I got this s-it” as Brown joked “So, he’s opening Aldean’s tattoos in 2021.”

When revealing the final product, Brown captioned the post “@jasonaldean did his first-ever tattoo on me and it’s pretty bad ass 🔥🙏🏽 lol nah he did one line my boy @bubbaitattoos did an amazing job!! Hit him up if u need a tattoo 🤟🏽.”

Aldean showed off his fresh new ink on Instagram as well.

“Thanks to my dude @bubbaitattoos for making a house call today,” Aldean gushed.

Tattoo artist Bubba Irwin previously appeared on the reality TV show, Ink Master, winning Season 9 of the competition series.

Kane Brown and Jason Aldean both were tattooed by Irwin previously. More recently, Irwin gave Brown and his wife Katelyn tattoos honoring their daughter, Kingsley.

If you or someone you know are interested in getting a tattoo by Bubba Irwin, you can check out his work and reach him HERE or you can email to book an appointment.

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