Exclusive Premiere: Temecula Road Drops Moody ‘Fades’ Music Video

Rising country trio Temecula Road has returned with a brand new music video for their newest single, “Fades” exclusively premiering…


Melinda Lorge

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June 20, 2019


10:00 am

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Temecula Road; Photo by Tyler Conrad

Rising country trio Temecula Road has returned with a brand new music video for their newest single, “Fades” exclusively premiering on Country Now.

Temecula Road, comprised of sisters Emma, 20, and Maddie Salute, 18, and longtime friend Dawson Anderson, 19, teamed with Tyler Conrad to film the creative masterpiece. The clip features the band belting out the song’s emotional lyrics, which tout love and letting go, while standing amid tall building structures and concrete walls in downtown L.A.

Along with the clip’s black and white filter and captivating split screens, fans will find the dynamic trio pushing the boundaries with their image. Emma trades out her natural blonde tresses for long black hair, while Maddie dons an edgy pair of torn jeans and a denim jacket. As for Anderson, he sports a goatee instead of the ultra clean-shaven look that fans have gotten used to seeing in past videos like “What If I Kissed You” and “Hoping.”

“We’ve definitely evolved in our style. It’s an edgier look,” Emma tells Country Now. “We’ve done a lot of stuff in fields and the videos have all kind of been cohesive in that sense, but we wanted a change in our look. We shot this video in downtown L.A. at like two in the morning it was a super fun shoot. It was just low key. There were about three people on set other than us, and it was just a fun process to make this video.”

Perhaps it’s bittersweet that Temecula Road got to film “Fades” in their home state of California. This past May, the talented trio, known for their trademark harmonies, made their move to Nashville from their native Temecula, California. So far, they say they’re enjoying what Music City has to offer.

“It’s so much easier to do things around here…writing and meetings and all,” Emma says. “When we used to come back here, we would have to cram everything into a week and do two writes a day, and have meetings in the morning. It was a lot, so we love it here.”

With talent that stretches far beyond their teenage years, The Radio Disney’s NEXT BIG THING artists have already garnered over 5 million streams on Spotify. They credit the growth they saw during their recent hiatus as part of their success.

“We needed that year. We needed the year to come closer as friends, and I think even being more content as individuals too,” Emma confessed with Maddie adding, “We’re always going to be evolving, and we just needed that time to mature.”

“I feel like we really put our hearts and souls in this new music and this new video as well,” Anderson, who co-wrote “Fades” with Kevin Bard and Mike Daly, adds. “It’s super cool that we’re finally releasing it to the world, because this feels most like Temecula Road than we ever felt and that’s such a cool feeling to be able to have something yourself that you’re connected with.”

“Fades” is available everywhere now.

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