Texas Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Dies In Tragic Car Crash

Texas country singer Kylie Rae Harris has died, Billboard confirms. The singer/songwriter lost her life in a crash involving three…


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September 5, 2019

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Kylie Rae Harris; Photo via Facebook

Texas country singer Kylie Rae Harris has died, Billboard confirms.

The singer/songwriter lost her life in a crash involving three vehicles in northern New Mexico on Wednesday evening (Sept. 4). She was 30 years old. According to reports, a 16 year old girl also died at the scene.

“We are heartbroken to confirm that Kylie Rae Harris passed away in a car accident last night,” Harris’ publicist shared with Billboard in a statement. “We have no further details to share, and ask for privacy for her family at this time. Everyone that knew Kylie knew how much she loved her family and, beyond that, how much she loved music. The best tribute to her unmatched enthusiasm for both is to spread as much love as you can today, and listen to music that fully inspires you.”

According to her recent social media posts, Harris was on her way to perform at the Big Barn Dance, an annual music festival held in Taos, New Mexico. Prior to the accident, Harris shared a Tweet, revealing she was low on gas.

“Fuel range is 46 miles and I’m 36 from the nearest gas station,” she wrote. “Dear baby Jesus please don’t let me get stranded in NM.”

She also posted several Instagram stories on Wednesday. In her final few posts, she appeared quite emotional, recalling her previous visits to the area. Her words are a bit chilling, especially after her untimely death.

“For those of you who don’t know, I spent the last 20 years of my life coming to Taos with my dad and my sister,” she said. “My grandparents lived here, my uncle still lives here, but basically, literally, everybody that was here passed away, except for my uncle, and including my dad. And I’m crying…sorry Instagram.”

She went on to recall her time “in the backseat as a little kid” with her father at the wheel, admitting the memories started to make her “really sad” as she drove for several hours through the mountains.  As she began to cry, she said, “random cows” suddenly appeared in the road and it immediately made her think of her late father.

“It might sound really crazy, but there was this time, it’s something that we always talked about with my dad and my sister,” she explained. “I was in the backseat asleep, I was like 10 or 12 years old and we hit something really hard.”

It was a cow.

“I know that’s very depressing, but just the fact that when I was on my trek through the mountains and I just started crying and I was sad and all of a sudden these like cows just appeared out of nowhere…you know, we grieve in different ways, but like, I don’t know…”

Then the video stopped.

Harris released her self-titled EP earlier this year. Included on the project is the song “Twenty Years From Now,” a track she wrote for her young daughter, Corbie.

The song’s emotional lyrics include, “You deserve nothing less than happiness/ And so do I/ Twenty years from now/ My prayer is that somehow/ You’ll forgive all my mistakes and be proud of the choice I made/ God I hope I’m still around/ Twenty years from now…”

Our thoughts are prayers are with her friends and family during this time.

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