Texas Country Star Kevin Fowler Visits Fan Who Survived Uvalde School Shooting: ‘She’s Way Braver Than I Could Ever Be’

Texas country hitmaker Kevin Fowler recently paid a visit to Mayah Zamora, one of the Robb Elementary School students who…


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July 7, 2022

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Kevin Fowler, Mayah Zamora; Photo via Instagram

Texas country hitmaker Kevin Fowler recently paid a visit to Mayah Zamora, one of the Robb Elementary School students who was injured in the tragic shooting that occurred in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday, May 24. 

Ahead of a recent show, Fowler stopped by University Children’s Hospital in San Antonio to spend some time with Zamora, who is a big fan of Fowler’s, as she continues to recover from the tragedy. 

The “Hard Man To Love” singer documented his time spent with Mayah in a heartfelt social media post that included a sweet snapshot of their time together and a video of them singing Fowler’s song “Loose, Loud & Crazy.” 

“I have to tell y’all about the most amazing little girl I met yesterday!” Fowler shared. “We got a call last week from some of the staff at University Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. They told us about one of their patients, Mayah Zamora.”

Fowler went on to reveal that the 10-year-old had plans to see Fowler in concert, however, could not attend the show after the shooting. The hospital staff got in touch with Fowler to arrange a meeting. 

“Mayah was seriously injured in the Uvalde school shooting,” Fowler explained. ”She is in the hospital recovering from multiple bullet wounds. They told us that she’s a big KF fan and her family had planned to come see us play this weekend before the shooting occurred. She was very sad that they couldn’t attend the show. The hospital staff asked if there was any way we could come by and surprise her.”

The 56-year-old Amarillo, Texas native then detailed the “amazing experience” to meet the “sweet little girl.”

“She’s way braver than I could ever be. This whole experience really hit home with me,” Fowler said. “I have three daughters and I can’t imagine one of my babies going through this. Her parents, Christina and Ruben Zamora are absolute angels and by her side nonstop.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe, which “will be used towards Mayah’s long road to recovery,” and Fowler concluded his social media post encouraging his fans to donate to help the Zamora family. 

“The family could use any help that y’all can give,” Fowler added. ”There’s a link to their GoFundMe account below. Prayers for the Zamora family and all of the families affected by this horrible tragedy. 🙏”

19 of Mayah Zamora’s classmates and two of her teachers were fatally shot during the school shooting. 

Following the unimaginable tragedy, Robb Elementary School will be demolished, according to the mayor.

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