Lost Saints Share the Story Behind Their Debut Single, ‘We Don’t Fight’

Lost Saints; Photo by Jeremy Ryan
Lost Saints; Photo by Jeremy Ryan
Lost Saints; Photo by Jeremy Ryan

After meeting in 2017 and recognizing their instant connection the moment they first sang together, new trio Lost Saints is ready to introduce their brand of country music to the world.

Comprised of Afton Addington, Chris Biano and Derrick Casteel, the Lost Saints is a harmony-driven trio that combines their Gospel roots with their love of country music and storytelling. The band is introducing their unique sound to the world with the release of its debut single, “We Don’t Fight.”

Co-written by Biano alongside Brandon Chase and Ethan Hulse, “We Don’t Fight” puts the band’s harmonies on full display as they tell the story of a couple looking back on their relationship and ultimately realizing that they are better off apart.

“When We, We don’t fight anymore/ Threw in the towel and laid our gloves on the floor/ And I never thought I’d miss all night yelling/ Tears I kissed off your lips, since you walked out that door/ Guess it’s good we don’t fight anymore,” the trio sings on the chorus.

To celebrate the recent release of “We Don’t Fight,” the Lost Saints are sharing the story behind the heartbreaking track exclusively with Country Now readers.

Click the video below to watch as Addington, Biano and Casteel explain why the song is “super special” to them and how it helped them find their sound.

Fans can keep up with the Lost Saints on Instagram.

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