Thomas Rhett Shares Heartwarming Montage Commemorating ’10 Years And 4 Kids Later’ With Lauren Akins

On Wednesday (Oct. 12), Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. The singer took to social…


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October 12, 2022


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Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins; Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA

On Wednesday (Oct. 12), Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. The singer took to social media to share a heartwarming montage that captures some of their best memories together, including being parents to their daughters, enjoying simple moments at home, the day they said “I do,” and more. 

Rhett’s loving caption read, “10 years with my best friend🙌  @laur_akins I legit don’t know sometimes if you are a real person or an Angel. I could not a dreamed up a better life if I tried.”

He also tipped his hat to their four daughters they are raising together, Lillie Carolina, 11 months, Lennon Love, 2½, Ada James 5, and Willa Gray, 6½.

“10 years and 4 kids later I love you more every single day. I love you so much! Happy anniversary babe❤️”

In addition to the idolized relationship, fans took notice of the song playing in the background. Thomas has previously performed this track during his live shows, but has yet to release “Madly in Love” into the world.

“That kiss was only the beginning / And to this day, when you walk in the room / My heart still doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do / And in my mind, girl, we’re still 22 in a Tennessee field / Fireflies brighter than the moon / It’s been a minute together since we said, “Forever” / And it’s never been more true / I’m just so madly in love with you,” Rhett sings on the highly-anticipated song. 

It’s not often that Rhett gets a break in his busy schedule, but when he does, he’s generally spending time with his family. Prior to the official milestone date, the “Slow Down Summer” singer-songwriter shared a candid photo of his wife, Lauren, enjoying some tacos on the first day of their “two night anniversary getaway.”

“Tacos at 11:30 AM😂” he added in the caption. 

The lovebirds first met in kindergarten and as Rhett sings in his wholesome track, “Life Changes,” he’s been “waiting on her since the second grade.” They officially started dating in 2011 and just six months later, he proposed. Then, at 22 years old, they tied the knot in 2012. The platinum-selling artist and his wife have the kind of love story everyone looks up to, but like all relationships, they had their own set of obstacles to overcome.

Thomas Rhett and Wife, Lauren Akins; Photo by Getty Images for CMT
Thomas Rhett and Wife, Lauren Akins; Photo by Getty Images for CMT

During an interview with The Associated Press, Rhett opened up about feeling the pressure to always be idolized as “goals.”

“Along the way, people would say her and I were ‘relationship goals’ or ‘your love is like rainbows and butterflies,’ and I’m sitting there going, ‘It is sometimes, but it’s also not a lot,’” he explained.

Many of the songs he’s released, including a few on his latest album, Where We Started, were written about all the good things in his life at home and in his relationship. Others like “The Hill” and “Angels” are attempting to reveal the truth.

“Please don’t look at our relationship like it is something that is like unattainable because it completely is,” Rhett explained. “It just takes work. Those songs portray the work we put in. As challenging as it may be to like uphold that like ‘we’re perfect couple,’ I think over the last couple years just embraced that we’re just not.”

Thomas Rhett; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Thomas Rhett; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

His new music has captured the hearts of fans throughout his Bring The Bar to You Tour, which features special guests Parker McCollum and Conner Smith. This trek of shows will wrap on Oct. 15 in Dayton, OH. 

Thomas Rhett will only have a short break off the road because on Feb. 9, 2023, he will be heading out for the Canadian leg of his tour. For these 10 shows, he will be accompanied by Jordan Davis and Kameron Marlowe. 

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