Thomas Rhett Teams Up With Ben Rector On ‘What Makes A Man’ Ahead of Rector’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Ben Rector released his latest single, “What Makes A Man” featuring country singer Thomas Rhett Friday (Aug. 5). The song,…


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August 5, 2022

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Thomas Rhett; Photo by John Shearer, Ben Rector; Photo Provided

Ben Rector released his latest single, “What Makes A Man” featuring country singer Thomas Rhett Friday (Aug. 5).

The song, which is a tribute to Rector’s father and his own fatherhood, examines what qualities make a man.

Well my father / He’ll never see his name in lights / Worked at a desk his whole damn life / Didn’t chase his dreams, gave himself so that me and my sisters would be alright / Sometimes I wonder what they’ll say of me when I am gone / When my daughter’s living on / Will she carry on, think that I was famous or that I was never home / Is it the things you’ve done / the places that you’ve been / chasin’ down some dream you’ve been imagining / or is it makin’ peace with who you are and where you stand / I’m tryin’ to find / what makes a man,” Rector sings on the first verse and chorus before Rhett takes over the second verse.

Rector, whose latest album the Joy of Music (released in March 2022) features collaborations with Kenny G and Snoop Dogg, said he “immediately thought of” asking Rhett to feature on “What Makes A Man.”

“I had so much fun having collaborators on a few of the songs on the [new] record that I immediately thought of Thomas Rhett when this song was finished,” Rector shared. “A big part of this album for me was wanting to do things that were exciting and enjoyable, and having him on the song felt like both.”

For Rhett, the feeling is mutual.

“I’ve always been a fan of Ben’s, so when he reached out wanting to collaborate, I jumped at the opportunity to work with him,” Rhett shared. “He’s an incredible artist, writer, and performer and this song hit me as something that I could immediately connect to.”

In addition to releasing “What Makes A Man” with Rhett, Rector is also gearing up for another exciting event: getting to make his Grand Ole Opry debut.

“I couldn’t be more excited to perform at the Opry,” Rector said of his Aug. 9 Opry debut. “We listen to the live broadcasts on 650 AM all the time. I have such respect for that stage and am deeply, deeply honored to get to perform there.”

Prior to releasing his latest single and his upcoming Opry debut, Rector wrapped his 21-date, The Joy Of Music: A Live Music Event tour, which included a sold-out night at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater.

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