Thomas Rhett Teases Fiery Debut Performance Of ‘Beautiful As You’ At 2024 ACM Awards [Exclusive]

“This the first time that I’ve played it in front of people. So y’all, pray for us,” Rhett joked.


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May 14, 2024


6:06 pm

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Thomas Rhett at ACM Awards Media Row; Photo Courtesy Motion Theory Media

Thomas Rhett is preparing to take the stage at the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards, and this year he will be treating the audience to the television debut of his just-released love song, “Beautiful As You.”

Catching up with Country Now ahead of the show, Rhett gave a sneak peek into his plans for the highly-anticipated performance taking place on Thursday, May 16. He teased that he hopes to find a way to weave through the crowd while delivering the heartfelt anthem instead of staying stagnant on stage as he enjoys the energy that comes from having that kind of up-close-and- personal interaction with his listeners. 

“We’re going to rehearsal today and I know what our stage looks like, but I think we’re trying to figure out how we want to move. I feel like I just always do better when I get to have interaction with people rather than just standing on that stage,” he explained. “So I think we’re going to try to work out some sort of path through the crowd and end up on stage.”

With a song as upbeat and celebratory as “Beautiful As You,” the Georgia native is hoping to match that energy with some pyrotechnics on stage as well. 

Adding To His Collection Of Songs Inspired By His Real-Life Love Story

Joining Rhett at the ACM Awards will be his lovely wife and muse, Lauren Akins, who is also the inspiration behind the latest tune. Throughout the stirring instrumentals, Rhett finds himself reflecting on his personal love story and wondering how he ended up with someone as wonderful as his wife who does it all, from supporting his career to taking part in her own business endeavors, being a present mother to their children and lending her time to various philanthropic efforts.

This falls among the many songs within the “Mamaw’s House” singer’s discography that hones in on his love for his beautiful wife. When making the fresh tune, Rhett admits he wasn’t just thinking about Lauren when it came to the lyrics, but also sonically, as he knew she and their girls would take a liking to a more upbeat kind of track. It turns out, he hit the nail on the head because when asked what Lauren’s thoughts were after hearing it the final product, Rhett said “she loved it.”

Thomas Rhett - Beautiful As You
Thomas Rhett – Beautiful As You

“I think my wife needs tempo. That’s what I’ve learned about her because every time I write a ballad love song, she’s like, ‘This is great, but I’m bored.’ So we tried to really make something that would make her and our kids both want to dance,” he explained. “And from a lyrical standpoint, this is just my take on it of just kind of looking at her and being like, ‘Why did you choose me? Of all the people in the world, I am the last candidate.’ So I think that there’s a lot of guys out there that can relate that we just completely out-kicked our coverage and that’s basically what this song is in a nutshell.”

 “Beautiful As You” offers the first glimpse into Rhett’s seventh studio album, coming August 23 via The Valory Music Co. 

The Couple Will Be Hitting The ACM Awards Red Carpet Together

Thomas Rhett and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram
Thomas Rhett and Family; Photo Courtesy Instagram

Since the couple are parents to four young girls, Willa Gray, Ada James, Lennon Love, and Lillie Carolina, Rhett admits it can be hard to step away to enjoy some alone time together. Luckily with the ACM Awards being in Texas, the pair have the chance to enjoy a short getaway together. Plus, being that it is “Country Music’s Party of the Year,” they Rhett says he is also looking forward to catching up with some of his friends in the industry this week. 

“I’m going to play golf with some buddies tomorrow, get some drinks with old friends. I feel like since I’ve had kids, it’s been really hard to sort of keep up with people that I love, so this week is always one of those kid-less functions that me and Lauren get to kind of reunite with a couple friends that we’ve made over the years,” he shared. “The ACMs are always literally my favorite time of the year. They’re my favorite place to be and this year being in Frisco, it’s gonna be rocking.”

Tune Into Thomas Rhett’s Performance For Free On Prime Video

Thomas Rhett ACM Performer
Thomas Rhett ACM Performer

Fans will be able to catch Thomas Rhett’s performance at the 59th Academy of Country Music Awards this Thursday, May 16, when it airs live from the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas at 8 p.m. EDT / 7 p.m. CDT / 5 p.m. PDT exclusively on Prime Video. This special occasion allows fans who do not have a Prime membership to still stream the “Party of the Year” for FREE on

limited number of tickets to attend the show are still available for purchase. 

As soon as he wraps up his time at the ACM Awards, Thomas Rhett will be jetting off to Albuquerque, NM to perform at this year’s Boots In The Park festival. 

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