Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren Akins’ Says They ‘Struggle’ Just Like Other Married Couples

Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins, tells all in her just-released book, Live in Love.  Inside the new memoir, the mother…


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August 19, 2020

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Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins and Family

Thomas Rhett’s wife, Lauren Akins, tells all in her just-released book, Live in Love. 

Inside the new memoir, the mother of three opens up about life in the spotlight and her relationship with Rhett and insists that although they are often referred to as “relationship goals,” they have their problems just like everyone else. It’s a message she hopes people will take away from her book.

“There’s a lot of pressure to portray that you have a perfect life, and family, and marriage, especially on social media and in the public eye,” Akins recently shared with PEOPLE. “I think the quicker that I’m able to just get on the table that, ‘Hey, we struggle just like every other married couple, we struggle just like every other parent, we struggle just like every other human,’ it takes that pressure and weight off our shoulders to have to be a certain way. It gives the green light to be us.”

She even opens up about their visits to a marriage counselor and encourages other couples to seek therapy.

“We still are staying in close contact with our counselor, Beth,” she revealed. “COVID has changed things a little bit, but if we ever feel like there’s something we need to talk through with a third party, or even just to touch base and check in, we’re texting or calling Beth. It’s something that we still say is crucial to a marriage, some form of counseling or third party. It’s just a place where you can learn more about yourself and learn more about your spouse and really learn how to communicate better and clearer. It’s been so, so good. We just really love it.”

Throughout Live in Love, Akins details what life was like when Rhett’s career took off and shares her thoughts on putting her nursing career on hold as Rhett’s career took off. Akins said writing the book “felt like therapy” and hopes her words will encourage others to share their truths.

“I think it’s easy to look at filters in the world, and social media, and look at love that seems to be perfect,” she said. “But that’s not reality, and it’s a lot to try to live up to. So I hope that people can see the imperfections of our life and find themselves in those imperfections, and feel a sense of hope, encouragement and ultimately love.”


In a recent interview with his record label, Rhett opened up about the book and praised his wife for sharing her stories.

“It’s hard to read in the best way. This book really gets into severe detail of the adoption process, of what it was like when we first had kids and what it was like when I first got on the road and she had just graduated from Tennessee with a nursing degree and didn’t use her nursing degree,” he said. “[It also] talks about her childhood and what shaped her into the person she is now.  And I mean, it’s a memoir. So you have to be really invested to know that this is a story of her life.”

LIVE IN LOVE: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes is available everywhere now.

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