Tiera Kennedy Reflects On Her Musical Journey As She Readies Her Forthcoming Debut Album

Kennedy is certain her younger self would be proud of what she’s accomplished since moving to Nashville just seven years ago.


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October 13, 2023

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Tiera Kennedy; Photo by Alexa Campbell

In the midst of celebrating the success of her current single, “Jesus, My Mama, My Therapist,” Tiera Kennedy is shifting gears and preparing for the release of her yet-to-be-announced debut album.

The Alabama native took her catalog of stunning tunes to the next level with the release of her vulnerable new single. Penned alongside Emily Falvey, Joe Fox, Trannie Anderson and Emily Landis, the tune has quickly become a fan-favorite since taking over streaming platforms as well as country radio upon its impact on August 28. 

New Single At Radio Now

“It’s so cool. I feel like that’s the goal when you move to Nashville, when as an artist, it’s to have a song on the radio. So I’m really pumped about it,” Kennedy told Country Now while reflecting on the unforgettable feeling of hearing her songs on the airwaves. “I’m really thankful to have such an amazing team to support me and it’s been really cool. I’m excited to see where it goes.”

Tiera Kennedy; Photo Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.
Tiera Kennedy; Photo Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Between the faith-filled lyrics and piercing up-tempo tune beat, Kennedy’s candied vocals come to life as she pays tribute to the three people whom she has entrusted with her best-kept secrets and her heart. 

“I wrote it with a group of friends, some of my favorite co-writers, and we kind of just wrote it about being from a small town and you know, everybody knows everybody so you gotta make sure who you tell your secrets to, because if you tell like a particular person, the whole town’s probably gonna know,” she shared of the writing process. “We kind of wrote it from that perspective, but I feel like wherever you’re from, even at the workplace, you can relate to this song. You gotta make sure that you’re telling your business to the right people.” 


YouTube video

Released over the summer via The Valory Music Co., the infectious track offers fans a glimpse into what’s to come on her full-length debut album which is expected to drop in the beginning of 2024.

The rising singer/songwriter went on to tease her anticipation for fans to hear this collection, which she revealed is currently in the final stages with producers Dan Huff and Cameron Bedell. Putting out an album will not only mark the next chapter of her career, but it will also fulfill that lifelong goal that she has been itching to achieve since she was a young girl with big dreams. 

“I’m really excited to finally be putting an album out. It’ll be my first one and I’ve always really loved the concept of putting out an album and a project because growing up, that’s what I always gravitated towards. I loved getting to go to the store and get a CD of my favorite artist so it’s gonna be really cool to be able to tell my story in that form.”

A Dream Come True

Thinking back to that young girl who dreamed of one day being in her current stage of life, performing on stages across the country and preparing to release her first-ever album, Kennedy can confidently say that her younger self would be proud of all she has accomplished. 

“I have to kick myself and remind myself of how far I’ve gotten since I moved to Nashville seven years ago. When I was in Birmingham, I was just doing these covers in my bedroom and yearning to be in Nashville and to be an artist. It’s cool to be in that position now and I have to remind myself of that little girl and how proud she would be of where we are now.”

As she’s proved through her past releases, Kennedy is no stranger to being vulnerable and honest in her songwriting, and with this next project, fans can expect her to continue with in-depth storytelling. 

Sharing Her Story Through Song

“It’s really just a bunch of songs about my life and my journey and I think I’m sharing a side of me that people haven’t really seen yet and telling stories that I haven’t told yet. My hope is that after listening to this album, people get to know me a little bit better.”

She continued, “I think that’s the fun thing about this process of making this album is at the beginning, I didn’t know I was making an album. I was just writing songs about my life and I got to write them with my friends. So I feel like they’re the most personal songs and the closest to my story.”

When it came time to get into the studio with producer Cameron Middell, Kennedy revealed they didn’t seek to assemble any specific themes or types of songs. Instead, they brought in a talented group of musicians and let the stories and personal melodies guide the way. 

In the end, it turned out just as Kennedy had hoped. Feeling proud she said the collection of songs captures “the exact feeling that I wanted but couldn’t put into words.”

Kennedy’s debut album will follow her independently released self-titled EP, as well as a string of heartfelt songs including “Found It In You,” “Alabama Nights,” “Gentleman,” and “Be Kind.”

“I Ain’t A Cowgirl”

She has also been sharing snippets of brand-new unreleased tunes through live shows and social media clips. One of these songs that Kennedy revealed has already gained popularity among her listeners is “I Ain’t A Cowgirl.”

“It’s been one of the coolest experiences seeing the response of that song in particular because it’s a more personal song. It’s a little different from my other songs that are more upbeat and happy and jammers, this one is just kind of showing the hard parts of life, like it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. I was really going through it when I wrote that song and it’s scary sometimes putting out a song like that, but the response has been so great so I can’t wait for people to hear the full version.”

Not only have Kennedy’s fans shown her support throughout her entire journey of letting her emotions guide her music, but she also opened up about the incredible amount of support from her family, who stands by her at all times as they watch her live out her dreams. She may not have grown up in a house full of musicians, but her passion and determination have led her to a career that makes her loved ones proud. 

“I definitely got singing from my mom and she would sing around the house, but nobody’s like a professional singer in my household.  My mom always says that she kind of lives vicariously through me because she always wanted to be a singer, but she’s kind of shy. So she never did it herself. It’s cool to see her on the sidelines and singing along to every word.”

What’s Next

Looking ahead to the new year, Tiera Kennedy is staying focused on releasing her debut album and getting out on the road as much as possible in order to bring her forthcoming set of new songs to life. 

While Tiera Kennedy currently has just one show on books for the remainder of the yar, she hinted that there is plenty on the horizon. 

“We’ve got some things in the works, and I’m sure we’ll be doing lots of festivals next year, too. So, we’ll be getting around for sure.”

To stay up to date on everything Tiera Kennedy has in the works, including her album and upcoming concert schedule, visit her official website HERE.

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