Tigirlily Gold Channels Their Inner Dolly Parton for Show-Stopping Harvest Festival Performance at Dollywood

The sister duo is bringing girl group energy back to country music!


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October 6, 2023


3:20 pm

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Tigirlily Gold; Photo Provided

Tigirlily Gold is known for putting on unforgettable live performances, and their set during the Harvest Festival at Dollywood on Wednesday (October 4) was no exception.

Performed entirely acoustic, the sister duo gathered quite the crowd at the Back Porch Theater, with Krista Slaubaugh stunning attendees with her superb guitar-playing skills, and Kendra Slaubaugh blowing listeners away with her powerhouse vocals. With a much more intimate setting than some of their previous live shows, the breakout artists connected with their fans on a brand new level, discussing their hometowns, heartbreaks and more during their 45-minute set.

Singing classics from their most recent EP, Blonde, such as “Hometown Song” and “Shoot Tequila,” covers of “Bleeding Love” and “No Scrubs,” two soon-to-be-released tracks and more, their performance was definitely one for the books, paving the way for a full-length project that the sisters have in the works.

Tigirlily Gold; Photo Provided
Tigirlily Gold; Photo Provided

“We’re getting excited to release some more music in 2024,” Kendra teased onstage at Dollywood Theme Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, prior to diving into the unreleased tracks towards the end of their set – “Leroy” and “I Tried A Ring On.”

After asking if there were “any Leroys in the crowd,” Kendra began to explain the meaning behind one of these forthcoming tracks: “This song right here is called ‘Leroy,’ and it’s basically when you’re in a relationship and you’ve kind of given the hint already, and you’re over giving the hint.”

“This person is putting anything and everything before you, and you’re kind of tired of it, so you say, ‘Goodbye. Hasta la vista. So long. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out,’” she continued, before performing the yet-to-be-released track.

Tigirlily Gold; Photo Provided
Tigirlily Gold; Photo Provided

To the delight of attendees, the rising country stars blended “Leroy” into the 1999 classic, “No Scrubs” by TLC, ultimately integrating the smash hit into their set seamlessly.

To follow “Leroy,” Krista and Kendra performed “I Tried A Ring On,” which is sure to be topping the charts in no time.

“Country music and breakup songs, man, they have a long history together. I mean ‘I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton. One of the best breakup, heart-wrenching songs of all time,” Krista prefaced. “We notice a lot of these breakup songs throughout country music’s history. They talk about how hard it is to get over that person, how they can never really move past that person, which is a really hard part of a breakup, but I also feel like there’s another really tough part about a breakup that’s not talked about as much.”

“That is when you’re with somebody for so long, you’ve wanted it forever. The process and the thought of having to completely start over again, once you’ve had that forever locked in, you’re super frustrated and it’s super hard to wrap your mind around… When you’re in a serious relationship, you picture stuff like your future wedding, you picture maybe your future kids together, you picture the whole 60 plus years together with that person, so to have to start over again, It’s not a really fun thing to do, and it’s really frustrating,” the North Dakota native continued.

“That’s what this next song is all about. It’s not out yet actually. It’s called, ‘I Tried A Ring On,’ obviously one that was not the right size, but you can laugh now. It’s fine. We’re good. Here it goes,” she joked, prior to performing the catchy tune with her older sister.

Aside from their must-see performance, Krista and Kendra channeled their inner Dolly Parton all day long, riding thrilling rollercoasters, trying some delicious snacks, meeting fans and more alongside Country Now and other media.

“Being BLONDE is truly a Dolly Parton state of mind. And yes, we did try the cinnamon bread, and it was AMAZING 😋 #dollyparton #dollywood #blonde,” the budding country stars shared via Instagram from Dollywood Theme Park, garnering an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

“You are so cute and I love your music. It’s been so fun to watch your journey. Keep kicking butt,” one fan shared in the comment section of the post.

Another wrote, “So so so cool ladies!!! ❤️❤️❤️”

“Wish I could have attended. Looking forward to seeing you all one day soon,” a third fan gushed.

To stay tuned on Tigirlily Gold’s forthcoming project, connect with the rising stars on Instagram.

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