Elevation Beaver Creek Spotlights Rising Country Stars Among The Stunning Views Of Colorado

Artists such as Shelby Darrall and Jay Allen performed for music industry professionals in the scenic mountains of Colorado.


Madeleine O’Connell

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October 6, 2023


2:19 pm

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Shelby Darrall, Jay Allen; Photo by Will Bucquoy

Born from the success of Live In The Vineyard and Live In The Vineyard Goes Country comes Elevation Beaver Creek. From October 1-3, this unique three-day event returned to the scenic mountainside of Colorado and offered a group of promising new artists the chance to put their talent and raw stories on display in front of music supervisors, radio programmers, DSP curators, and other music industry professionals. 

For the second year in a row, lucky attendees gathered for an intimate pairing of music, wine, and food while getting up close and personal with over 30 artists.

Elevation Beaver Creek; Photo by Will Bucquoy
Elevation Beaver Creek; Photo by Will Bucquoy
Elevation; Photo by Ryan Waneka
Elevation; Photo by Ryan Waneka

This selection of up-and-coming talent includes Shelby Darrall who was among the first round of artists that kicked off the event with an acoustic set of stripped-down tunes. The powerhouse vocalist showcased her work as an independent singer/songwriter through fan favorites pulled directly from her impressive catalog, as well as a few brand-new tracks that were just released on her sophomore EP, Melt.

While catching up with Country Now following her memorable on-stage appearance, Darrall expressed her excitement about the opportunity to unveil the roots of her sound in front of a group of people who have had a major impact on many other hopeful artists like herself. 

“They’re so warm and they listen, and they seem to really enjoy what’s happening here. Plus, how could you not have a good time here,” she said while looking out among the stunning views. “I’m honored to be able to get in front of these people.”

Shelby Darrall; Photo by W. Bucquoy
Shelby Darrall; Photo by W. Bucquoy

The refreshing conversations, culinary delights and unforgettable performances continued throughout the week as HunterGirl delivered from-the-heart original tunes at the Music Industry dinner at Allie’s Cabin, Angel White exposed his heartbreak cowboy era amid the scenic peak luncheon at the Gerald Ford Amphitheater, Anne Wilson demonstrated her blended sounds of country and Christian music, and Matt Stell and George Birge took turns celebrating their breakout hits while also offering an advance listen to their upcoming releases. 

For several of the artists in attendance, Elevation also served as a refreshing break from their on-the-go lifestyles that keep them moving from stage to stage. This was especially true for the sister duo, Tigirlily Gold who made sure to slow down, take in the views, and connect with their audience. During their set at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, the talented duo captivated the room with their bright personalities and powerful vocals as they highlighted their latest project Blonde, raised their glasses to their top 40 hit, “Shoot Tequila” and exposed their from-the-heart songwriting skills.

“First of all, it’s beautiful here. It feels like a vacation because it’s so beautiful here and honestly, we’ve been traveling like crazy and it’s incredible to just get to see artist friends that we know and love, meet new people and see radio friends that we’ve met along the way,” the pair shared. “It’s just It’s just a beautiful event for everyone to kind of come together again and hang out and drink wine and play some new music for people.”

Tigirlily Gold; Photo by Alec Savig
Tigirlily Gold; Photo by Alec Savig

On the final morning, Jay Allen started off slow, showcasing his personal and musical journey through his song “Tattoos To Heaven” as well as a brand-new tune inspired by a former relationship titled, “Halfway House.” He then brought the energy back up and used this time to connect with his fellow music lovers as he created a space for attendees to get on their feet and indulge in the joy of country music with his lighthearted party anthem, “Jello Shot.”

While speaking to The Voice alum about his time at Elevation, he opened up about the opportunity to share his messages of healing, love and complete honesty with the music industry professionals seated just inches away from him.

 “It’s a big deal because it’s never been ‘I want to be famous.’ It’s ‘how can I use what I’ve been given to help others.’ I’ve been in the deep, dark hole, hoping someone would reach down and grab me and pull me out and I didn’t have that person, so now I feel like I have the opportunity to be that for others and if it’s having a song on country radio to do that, let’s go,” he told Country Now.

Founded by President of FF Entertainment, Bobbii Jacobs, Elevation concluded with a night under the stars as lucky attendees were transported to 4 Eagle Ranch, where donkeys roamed the property, comfort food lined the tables, and bright lights strung across the rustic venue. Taking the stage in front of what could be considered the most stunning views of all, Drew Baldridge, Stephanie Quayle, Wyatt Flores lit up the room alongside Grammy-winning artists Mandy Barnett, Emily West and bluegrass legends, Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley. 

More established acts in the industry such as Billy Currington, Brian Kelley, Michael Franti, used their time at the three-day event to evoke sing-alongs of their signature hits and promote new songs that are either still in the works or making their way up the charts.

It’s clear that the mission of Elevation Beaver Creek is aimed at bringing country music to new heights and providing a platform for emerging talents to shine on stage, and this year’s event did not disappoint. 

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