Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Recall ‘Uncomfortable’ Situations They Faced While Filming ‘1883’

Country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill faced a series of challenges while portraying their love on screen in the…


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December 13, 2021


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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill; Photos via People Magazine Interview

Country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill faced a series of challenges while portraying their love on screen in the roles of James and Margaret Dutton in 1883, the upcoming prequel series to Yellowstone.

As great-grandparents to the head of the family in Yellowstone, the couple carries on the story of how the Dutton family made the journey on a wagon train to Montana and claimed the land that is now known as Yellowstone Ranch.

While filming in Montana and Texas, the real-life couple endured encounters with wildlife, intense heat, costumes with layers and layers of corsets and petticoats, and some pretty awkward situations.


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Although the couple has been together for over two decades, one scene that proved to be incredibly difficult was the intimate bathtub scene recently seen in the new trailer.

“It was really uncomfortable for me personally because I’m a very shy person in that type of situation,” Hill said in an interview with PEOPLE. “I obviously feel comfortable with my husband, but this is different. For intimate scenes, I feel like that belongs to us.”

Luckily, series creator Taylor Sheridan helped ease the discomfort by closing the set the day of the bathtub scene, to which Hill responded, “it turned out to be beautiful.”

Faith Hill, Tim McGraw on People Magazine
Faith Hill, Tim McGraw on People Magazine

This is not their first rodeo when it comes to on-screen appearances, but it is the first time they will star on screen together.

In 2004, McGraw made his major movie debut when he appeared on 2004’s Friday Night Lights. Since then, he has also played a part in eight other films, including The Blind Side. In the same year, Hill starred in 2004’s Stepford Wives and later, 2017’s Dixieland.

Because of this first-time collaboration, they felt that implementing a few ground rules while on the set of 1883 would greatly benefit to them and their real-life romance.

“We have made it a point not to work on our scenes together until we’re on set,” Hill says. “It’s important that we react to one another naturally as characters not as husband and wife.”


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Although separating work from their personal lives off set was important for Hill and McGraw, they did get the chance to celebrate a special moment together, while filming on their 25th wedding anniversary.

“I was hauling a– in a carriage through a river,” Hill explained. “That was our big celebration!”

This may not have been their usual form of celebration, but it certainly makes for a great story.

“It’s been incredible to do scenes together and to watch her work,” McGraw stated in the same interview.

McGraw went on to share a hilarious snippet of how sometimes they can’t always help but bring a bit of their real-life relationship into their characters on set.

“We had this scene where she has to slap me,” he began. “I was expecting a finger slap, but it was a paw to the jaw. There was 25 years of pent-up aggression going on!” McGraw added. “When you see it on screen, you realize it was a genuine hit.”

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McGraw is able to laugh off moments like these, where he sees the wife that he knows and loves showing off her bright personality. Overall, the couple seems to have thoroughly enjoyed their time on set together, providing support on new, unexpected levels.

“I’ve never had so much fun in my life,” McGraw said.

“I don’t want to stop,” Hill added.

The journey of 1883 is set to premiere on Dec. 19 on Paramount +.

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