Travis Denning Shares The Story Behind His Signature Bass Pro Shops Hat

Travis Denning; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Travis Denning; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Travis Denning; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Rising country star Travis Denning is rarely seen without his trusty Bass Pro Shops hat. In fact, he wears it so much it’s become his signature on-stage look.

He began wearing the cap several years ago on accident.

“I think when I was about 18 or 19-years-old, a friend of mine actually left a Bass Pro Shops hat at my house,” the Georgia native recalls. “I wore it for a little bit. I just loved it. Mainly, it fit my head pretty well. I have a goofy-shaped head, thanks to my folks, but it fit well, and I thought it was just so timeless looking and very cool and nobody else was really wearing ‘em at the time. So, I just wore it all the time on stage.”

“2015 at CMA Fest, I had a kid come up and he had a Bass Pro Shops hat he bought and wanted me to sign,” he continues. “That was when I thought, ‘Oh, maybe this is like a thing.’ I haven’t stopped wearing ‘em since.”

Things will come full circle for Denning on August 17 when he headlines the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race pre-race concert at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Denning’s latest single, “After A Few,” is climbing the charts at country radio now. The singer co-wrote “After A Few” with Kelly Archer and Justin Weaver.

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