Tyler Hubbard Reflects On Touring With Kane Brown: A ‘Full Circle’ Moment

The country star recalled a special memory from their very first show together.


Madeleine O’Connell

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March 13, 2024

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Tyler Hubbard, Kane Brown; Photos by Andrew Wendowski

Tyler Hubbard says getting the chance to join Kane Brown as an opener on his upcoming In The Air Tour will bring things “full circle,” as the pair first began touring together back in 2016.

How Long Have These Artists Known Each Other?

At that time, Hubbard was still making music as one half of the former country duo, Florida Georgia Line, and Brown was opening for them as a brand-new artist who was still getting his feet wet. In fact, this was so early on in Brown’s career that it was only sixth show ever. 

“I’ve known Kane for a while. He actually opened up for us…we were one of his first tours,” Hubbard told Country Now and other outlets. 

Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

He went on to recall their very first show together, and the moment he knew the “Thank God” singer had the fight and determination needed to make it far in such a competitive industry. 

“I was out shooting basketball with him, just hanging out and kind of getting to know him. And I was asking him, ‘how long have you been doing this? How long have you been playing shows and stuff?’ And he was like, ‘well, this is my sixth show ever.’ And I was like, ‘dude, sixth?’ He was like, ‘yeah,’ I’m like, ‘okay, buddy. Well, good luck. There’s only 30,000 people out there tonight.’”

Hubbard Praises Kane Brown For His Growth

Despite how daunting it must have been for Brown to get on stage and perform in front of such a big crowd, Hubbard admits the young artist certainly impressed him with his ability to tackle the audience and has continued to do so to this day. 

“It was incredible to watch him take on the challenge and grow a ton on that tour,” he admitted. “Now it’s full circle. Now I’m getting to open up for him and I watch him play and I’m just like, ‘wow, he’s really grown into something special and he’s just an awesome dude. He’s a great artist.’”

Hubbard continued to gush over the Chattanooga native and his ability to maintain a well-balanced life as a performer, a songwriter and a family man. 

“I think he has really found himself and knows who he is and what he wants to be. And it’s just cool to see. It’s not every day that you have that story and not every day that you get to see artists kind of keep it together, be consistent, put out great music, maintain a family and do what he’s doing. So a lot of love for Kane. I’m excited to be back out with him and I know we’re going to have a good time.”

Tyler Hubbard; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Tyler Hubbard; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

This Tour Will Find The Artists Switching Places

This time around, Tyler Hubbard will be the one opening for Brown as he embarked on a new chapter in his career when he ended his time as a member of a duo and stepped out as a solo artist. This new venture has given Hubbard the chance to reintroduce himself to a fresh audience and showcase a whole different side to his artistry. 

Named after Kane Brown’s latest No. 1 hit “I Can Feel It,” the In The Air Tour is set to launch on March 28 at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia. With a total of 31 dates, Kane Brown will visit a variety of arenas and stadiums around the country before wrapping up on September 14 at Globe Life Field in Arlington, TX. 

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Tyler Hubbard Dishes On His New Setlist

When it comes to Hubbard’s setlist for this upcoming run, he says it’ll be “pretty new song heavy” meaning fans can expect to hear a slew of new tracks off his upcoming album, Strong. However, he added that there will also be plenty of hits and fan-favorite from his debut solo album sprinkled into the set. 

“The Kane set is going to be a party set,” he teased. 

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