Walker Hayes Reveals His ‘Insane’ Grocery List For His Six Kids

Walker Hayes and Family; Photo via Instagram
Walker Hayes and Family; Photo via Instagram
Walker Hayes and Family; Photo via Instagram

Since the release of “Fancy Like,” Walker Hayes has gone on to become a household name and a viral superstar, but at the end of the day, he’s still just “dad” to his six children and part of his role as a father of six is providing food for his family. 

During a recent interview on The Bobby Bones Show, Hayes explained what going to the grocery store is like for him and his wife, Laney, and as fans might expect, he said it’s pretty “insane.” 

As for some of the Hayes family kitchen staples, Hayes said they like to keep it simple. 

“We do a lot of that rotisserie chicken, that’s helpful. We do tons of cereal – we do like six gallons of milk – a week,” he revealed. “We make French toast, it’s like twenty eggs.”

He went on to joke about the amount of peanut butter and bread his eldest child goes through and couldn’t help but laugh. 


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“My oldest son is fourteen and, homeboy – y’all it’s like, it’s four peanut butter sandwiches right before he goes to bed, every night,” Hayes said. “I’m talking about like half a loaf of bread and half a thing of Jif and then he’ll just go to bed, you know, and then when he wakes up, he’s ready to go again – it’s insane!” 

Thankfully, for the Hayes family, Walker’s music career is showing no signs of slowing down so buying cart loads of groceries won’t be an issue. He just released his much-anticipated new project, Country Stuff The Album, and his long-awaited headlining Fancy Like Tour kicks off this week. 

Walker Hayes; Country Stuff The Album
Walker Hayes; Country Stuff The Album

Along with his rapid rise to fame, Hayes admits he’s started to get recognized while out and public. But, it’s not just him who fans want photos with. 

“As far as fame, you know, is concerned it’s the recognition, you know, everywhere we go. Like, if we go to Chick-Fil-A everybody wants to meet us and get a picture with, like, the whole fam, you know? And I love it, everybody’s so nice, but that was a huge – I mean, that happened overnight,” Hayes explained.

His neighbors even want in on the action, too. 

“I got neighbors now, you know, who want autographs, but I haven’t seen them, you know, for a couple years. I’m like, I’m the same dude,” he acknowledged. “But you know, man, you know my story through and through and so while that is an adjustment, I’m so grateful because those people buy music, you know, and they sing along, and they learn the dances, or their kids, and that’s all I wanted to happen.”

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