WATCH: Jameson Rodgers Shares Message with Fans After ‘Terrifying’ Gun Fire Disrupts Hometown Concert

Jameson Rodgers addressed fans with a somber video message after a shooting sent one person to the hospital during his…


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May 22, 2022

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Jameson Rodgers; Photos via Facebook

Jameson Rodgers addressed fans with a somber video message after a shooting sent one person to the hospital during his headlining set at his hometown festival on Saturday evening. 

According to Fox 13 Memphis, gunshots were reportedly fired at the SpringFest Festival in Batesville, Mississippi, causing Rodgers’ headlining concert to end several minutes early. 

Gunfire could be heard during the last song of the country hitmaker’s set. According to a concertgoer, Rodgers was asked to abruptly leave the stage, and fans were told to get on the ground amid the tragic incident. 

Local police quickly responded to the shooting and later updated residents on the situation. 

“The Batesville Police Dept is investigating a shooting that occurred tonight at the end of Springfest,” authorities shared via Facebook. ”The suspect and victim know each other and are not from Panola County.  The victim is being treated for a gun shot wound in Oxford.  This is an active investigation and there is no danger to the public at this time.”

Rodgers took to social media with a video message to fans on Sunday (May 22) in response to the incident. In the clip, Rodgers thanked law enforcement for their quick response in keeping his fans safe and gave fans an update on the show’s abrupt ending.

“I just got home to Nashville and honestly still processing last night,” Rodgers began. ”First off, I just want to say prayers for everybody that was involved in whatever happened last night. I don’t really know exactly though, all the details, I just know there were some shots fired. Whether it was… I don’t think it was directly involved with SpringFest, but it was definitely around the corner and it was very scary for a lot of people, and myself included, and the band and guys. I’m sorry that happened, but I hope everybody is alright. I’m sorry, that was pretty terrifying.”

The “Missing One” singer went on to share that despite the unfortunate ending to his concert, the show marked his favorite concert of all time due to his hometown’s endless support.

“Secondly, I just want to say man, thank you for coming out to the show, that was my favorite show of all time,” Rodgers continued. ”I hated that it ended that way, kind of buzz kill there. Man, the support that y’all have shown me over the years, it’s just overwhelming.”

Rodgers, who admitted he was “emotional on stage all night,” said the concert was an unforgettable experience.

”It was a heck of a night and I’m sorry it ended that way, but thank y’all,” Rodgers added. ”I hope y’all know how much I love you and it was truly my favorite show of all time, it’s going to be hard to top that one for me. I wish it would’ve lasted about 90 seconds longer, but it is what it is. Anyway, hope everybody is alright. Prayers to everybody involved in whatever happened last night and hope to see y’all soon. Thank y’all, I love you. Peace.”

After Rodgers shared a message with fans on social media, the Batesville Police Department reposted his message and shared further updates regarding the shooting. 

“The Batesville Police dept, family, friends, and all of your supporters are so proud of you and the great performance that you did last night,” The Batesville Police Department said addressing Rodgers.  ”We truly hate that your performance had the ending it did. The incident that happened had nothing to do with all of the family, friends, and fans that came to support your homecoming and see your show. Thank you so much for the great performance you gave to your hometown.”

Ahead of the show, Rodgers had the opportunity to spend time with friends and family in his hometown. 

He shared a few personal photos on Twitter with the caption, “Good to be home” before his SpringFest performance.

Jameson Rodgers’ hometown show comes just days after the release of Live From Oxford, MS, an eight-song project recorded at The Lyric Theatre in Oxford, where he performed to a standing-room only crowd of 1,250 fans. 

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