WATCH: Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater’s ‘Outrageous’ Salsa Has the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Judges Conflicted

Country star Jimmie Allen returned to the ballroom on Monday evening’s episode of Dancing with the Stars and blew viewers…


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October 4, 2021

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Jimmie Allen, Emma Slater; ABC, Dancing with the Stars

Country star Jimmie Allen returned to the ballroom on Monday evening’s episode of Dancing with the Stars and blew viewers away once again with his impressive dance moves.

The country hitmaker and his DWTS partner, Emma Slater, joined forces to dance to Britney Spears’ “Outrageous,” during “Britney Night,” which was a full-on celebration of Spears’ iconic music.

Prior to their Salsa, Allen opened up about his inspiration to push himself while on the show, admitting that his pregnant wife, Lexi, and his two children at home, are his reason for trying his best on the dance floor.

“It feels great to earn the judge’s respect, but the one person I look to impress every week is my wife,” he gushed. Alexis is amazing, from the first time I met her she felt like home to me, and it matters. That moment when you have someone and little ones to provide for. They’re my reason, my wife and my kids. Matter of fact, got me all emotional, why don’t we FaceTime them.

His wife and daughter then appeared from home via FaceTime.

“I miss y’all a lot. I wouldn’t be able to do this without you,” Allen tearfully shared.

Alexis shared her excitement over Britney Night, telling Allen, ““She is my queen.”

She added, “It’s going to be so good. You’re doing such a good job, I love you.”

Donning hot pink outfits, the “Freedom Was A Highway” singer and Slater performed their best Salsa as the audience and judges looked on.

After the confetti poured down upon the dancers awaited their results as the judges provided commentary.

“Well, Jimmie, first of all, real men do cry, so don’t worry about crying. It just shows you’re sensitive,” Carrie Ann Inaba said. “Now, as far as the dance goes, I don’t know what you’re doing with your fists. You got a little wonky fist going on, and it distracted me the whole dance because it didn’t look like you were strong. It kind of looked like you were shrinking in.”

The crowd booed in disagreement.

Inaba continued, “The lifts, the ins and outs were just a little rough. The last one you nailed.”


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Len Goodman also shared a few constructive criticisms, telling the pair, “I like the nice, easy, action of it, and it had rhythm all the time. Sometimes your steps were a little bit big, which you could’ve done them slightly smaller and given yourself slightly stronger hip action. The lifts… the last lift, I didn’t think was in character with the dance, and the other ones were a little bit dodgy…”

Once again, the audience booed.

“They must have been watching another show, don’t you worry because I thought when you let loose it all flows beautifully,” Bruno Tonioli added. “Actually, the side by side… were absolutely on it. The rhythm, the hips, it was going brilliantly. So listen to reason and listen to me. That was good.”

Allen and Slater ultimately earned a six from Inaba, a six from Goodman and an eight from Tonioli – finishing out week three with a 20/30.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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