WATCH: Lana Scott Absolutely Floors Blake Shelton with Gabby Barrett Cover On ‘The Voice’

29-year-old Lana Scott put her powerhouse vocals on full display with an impressive performance of a multi-platinum hit during Fan…


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November 22, 2021

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Lana Scott, Blake Shelton; Photos by Trae Patton, NBC

29-year-old Lana Scott put her powerhouse vocals on full display with an impressive performance of a multi-platinum hit during Fan Night on NBC’s The Voice

Ahead of Scott’s performance, she raved that she is “so grateful” that America voted for her to be in the Top 11 and admitted that the opportunity to perform is a “pinch me moment.”

Lana Scott; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC
Lana Scott; Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

“It’s fan week, and I’m going to do this for them,” Scott said. ”I feel like country fans have embraced me, voting me through proves that, and I want to make them proud. It feels really good to know that my fans picked a current modern country song. I do love classic country too, but I see myself on country radio today.”

Her coach, Blake Shelton, knew this song would be a “big, powerful vocal moment” for Scott and admitted that her song choice is a difficult one, but he knew she would nail it. 

“Man, that big stuff you’re hitting is gold,” Shelton gushed. “I am not worried about you, you’re going to kill this thing, you’re going to be in the Top 10, I just know it.”

Scott’s coach also added that she has what country fans look for — authenticity and believability — and Shelton feels Scott checks all those boxes.

After being introduced by two New Jersey fans, the Virginia native stormed the stage demanding the crowd’s attention as she belted out the lyrics to Gabby Barrett‘s massive hit, “I Hope.” The chart-topping song appears on Barrett’s record-breaking debut album, Goldmine.

Singing for America’s votes to earn a spot in the Top 10, Scott brought her A-game as she delivered a soaring performance of Barrett’s smash hit. Her performance earned praise from Shelton as well as Ariana Grande. 

“I feel like I’m not at The Voice right now. I feel like I’m at a Lana show, does anyone else feel like that?” Grande said. “That was so incredible. I feel like you’ve never sounded better. You’ve never felt more in your own. You’re so incredible. Every week you bring the best energy and such consistent vocals and I don’t know I feel like there’s such an incredible lane for you. You’re the perfectly packaged, ready to go, country pop star. Here you are, you’re just done.” 

Shelton declared that Scott’s performance of “I Hope” was her best vocal showcase yet. 

“Every season, there are these conversations that we have at some point of the show about an artist having their breakout moment, some never have it,” Shelton explained.  ”You just completely changed the landscape of this entire competition. That was by far your best performance that you’ve had. What a great time to have a breakout moment on this show. Come on Laterns, vote!”

Scott’s cover of Barrett’s chart-topping hit is now available on all streaming platforms.

Voting is open now in The Voice official app and online at

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