WATCH: Girl Named Tom ‘A Little Scared’ Before Covering Chart-Topping Country Hit on ‘The Voice’

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom wowed viewers of NBC’s The Voice with a poignant cover of Ingrid Andress’ “More Hearts…


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November 22, 2021

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Girl Named Tom; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC

Sibling trio Girl Named Tom wowed viewers of NBC’s The Voice with a poignant cover of Ingrid Andress’ “More Hearts Than Mine” during Fan Night. 

After being welcomed to the stage from a viewing party in their hometown in Ohio, the trio dedicated their performance to their supporters and a very special person. 

“Top 11, let’s go! Now, that it’s fan week, we have a special appreciation for our fans because they are the reason we are even here in the Top 11 and our No. 1 fan, Grandma [Jean], is over the moon,” Girl Named Tom said. 

Girl Named Tom; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC
Girl Named Tom; Photo by Trae Patton, NBC

Ahead of their performance, the group admitted to feeling a bit of nerves. 

“The fans picked ‘More Hearts Than Mine’ by Ingrid Andress. It’s a modern country song, which brings a whole fresh sound,” they said. “We don’t consider ourselves truly country, so I’m a little scared.” 

“I’m so excited about what’s about to take place,” their coach, Kelly Clarkson, said during rehearsals. “Girl Named Tom are really pushing themselves doing a country song this week. I love that fans chose this song and I also love that the message is you’re going to break more hearts than mine, you know cause my family’s so close.”

Clarkson gushed over the song’s earlier success as it already hit the Top 10 on iTunes ahead of the live show. 

“[They’re] up there with Adele and Ed Sheeran, and it was like crazy,” Clarkson pointed out, adding, “They’ve been working so hard before the show. Now, they’re really showcasing who they are, and they’re really excited to get to that next level. I love this song for y’all.”

Although they admitted to being nervous, Girl Named Tom absolutely crushed the performance as their harmonies were flawless throughout their time on stage. 

The performance ended praise from the coaches panel, including Blake Shelton

“I mean, that’s incredible,” he gushed. “I love that song and I like you guys doing country by the way. I heard you saying that you felt maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone, or you were nervous about it, but it feels like home to me. It really does and man, when you guys come together in harmony, I mean, that’s really special what you guys have.”

Clarkson couldn’t get over the performance and the fact that Girl Named Tom is a member of Team Kelly.

“Oh my gosh, it’s so fun to work with y’all, it’s just such a blessing,” she told them. “This season for me, I just have so many that come in and y’all are ready to work. You’re ready to challenge yourselves. You’re ready to kind of go outside your box. It’s just a really fun time and y’all are so talented.”

She went on to compliment how quickly they learned the song as well as their undeniable vocal abilities.

“It’s just an amazing thing that y’all have going on,” Clarkson continued, “It’s powerful, it’s so cool to hear, you got that cool harmony vibe going and that family element and people really are connecting to you, and it’s a very beautiful thing because we all need to connect to something right now. So, thank you so much for picking me, America please vote for Girl Named Tom.”

Voting is open now in The Voice official app and online at

Girl Named Tom’s cover of Andress’ chart-topping hit is now available on all streaming platforms.

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