WATCH: Luke Bryan Stops Concert To Break Up A Fight: ‘Why The Hell Were Y’all Fighting During ‘Buy Dirt?’

Luke Bryan stopped a fight that broke out in the middle of his concert in the most Luke Bryan way…


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July 19, 2022

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Luke Bryan; Photo via YouTube

Luke Bryan stopped a fight that broke out in the middle of his concert in the most Luke Bryan way possible. 

While performing in Youngstown, Ohio at Wean Park on the night before his 46th birthday, the country superstar’s show came to a halt as he called out people in the audience who appeared to be in a fight.  

“I mean, why the hell were y’all fighting during ‘Buy Dirt,’ this isn’t Limp Bizkit or nothing or freaking Gwar,” Bryan shouted. “Somebody got the shit knocked out of them. I saw it. Chill out, find a joint or something, smoke a joint. I know y’all got that shit.” 

Prior to performing “Strip It Down” on the piano, Bryan addressed the crowd once again. 

“Dude, man, bro, Dude, did you see those people upset bro? It’s my birthday night, no fighting on my birthday! Damn crazy ass buckeyes, I get it,” Bryan hilariously said before taking a seat at his piano. 


“this isn’t limp bisket or something – freaking gawr!” – @lukebryan #ylive2022 #lukebryan #lukebryanconcert #concert

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Later in the show, Bryan ditched his cowboy boots and socks mid-show. With help from a member of his team, the Georgia native took off his boots while singing “Play It Again” and opted to perform barefoot for a few songs before putting on some flip-flops. 

“I can finally… Y’all don’t understand it feels like I’ve been on ice skates for two hours. I didn’t even get a pedicure tonight either,” Bryan told the crowd, referencing that he nearly slipped on the slippery stage in his cowboy boots.

Bryan is currently in the midst of his Raised Up Right Tour, which kicked off on June 9 in Charleston, West Virginia.

The trek also features support from Riley Green and Mitchell Tenpenny and continues through October 28, where it will wrap up in Jacksonville, Florida.

​​“My favorite place to be is on stage performing to country music fans,” Bryan previously shared. “So thankful every night when I walk out on that stage and know you are there to have a blast along beside me. It never gets old!”

The tour name comes from the lyrics of Bryan’s previous single “Up.”

“Up / In the sky, there’s a guy / Lookin’ down on us / Lookin’ up / Our whole life, raised up right / In a town nobody knows / What a way to grow,” he sings on the chorus.

Luke Bryan’s next scheduled tour date is set for July 21 in Bristow, Virginia.

Until then, fans can stream his new single, “Country On.”

The just-released tune was the most-added song at country radio upon its release. According to Country Aircheck, 91 country radio stations added the song to rotation on its official impact date.

Co-written by Mark Nesler, David Frasier, Mitch Oglesby, and Styles Haury, and co-produced by Jeff Stevens and Jody Stevens, the song shouts out farmworkers, truckers, first responders, soldiers and more and encourages those perseverant individuals to “Country On,” or in other words, keep going.

“Hey fireman, boys and girls in blue/ We could sure use a lot more like you/ You come runnin’ in anytime, anything goes wrong/ Country on/ Hey soldier, wherever you might bе/ Hats off to keepin’ us free/ All our thoughts and prayers ’til you get back home/ Country on,” he sings while Sarah Buxton provides background vocals.

Click HERE or above to listen.

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