WATCH: Maren Morris Sings a Song for Stoners, Gets Parenting Advice From Willie Nelson

Maren Morris filled in for Jimmy Kimmel as a guest host on Monday evening’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and showcased another…


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August 17, 2021

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Maren Morris, Willie Nelson; Photos via ABC

Maren Morris filled in for Jimmy Kimmel as a guest host on Monday evening’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and showcased another side of her personality with a song about weed. 

The GRAMMY-winning singer opened the show with a monologue about getting vaccinated, kids getting back to school and more. She also sang a song for stoners, hoping to educate Americans about where they can and can’t smoke throughout the U.S. 

“When traveling across America/ Weed laws ain’t no joke/ So before you tour the country/ Know the states where you can toke,” she sang. 

Morris went on to list the some of the states where recreational marijuana is legal, singing, “California’s down with doobies/ From Oakland to Hollyweed/ And in Washington and Oregon/ It’s cool to spark that green/ Nevada hits the jackpot/ Colorado is a mile high/ Michigan’s always holdin’/ And Montana’s lookin’ fried.” 


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Later in the show, “The Bones” singer was joined by the legendary Willie Nelson, who took time to offer a few words of advice about parenting while on tour. 

“So I actually had a baby recently, or in the last year or so, and I know that you’ve brought your children out on the road for years as you’ve toured. Do you have any advice for bringing a baby on a tour bus and what that might look like?,” Morris asked him. 

“Well, you know, all my career I’ve had kids on the bus,” Nelson shared. “They grew up to be pickers themselves and most of them have wound up out on the stage with me, singing with me every night. So, it’s just really been a big joy to have your kids with you, especially when you’re gone as much as I am gone.”

The new mom praised Nelson’s parenting, tell him, “I love so much that you’ve incorporated and just collaborated with them over the years and Lucas has always been so lovely to me when we’re out on the same festivals together. So, you’ve raised them right, so I’ll just take it from you, however you’ve brought those boys up.”

Nelson, 88, also spoke with Morris about his long-standing poker game with Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, shared his advice for songwriters and more. 

The Country Music Hall of Fame member’s appearance was in support of his new book, Letters To America, which was released on June 29. 

Click above to watch the interview. 

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