WATCH: ‘Maytag Man’ Warren Peay Draws Comparisons To Chris Stapleton With Impressive ‘Idol’ Audition

“Coming into American Idol, I truly feel like this is a game changer for me,” Peay shared.


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March 20, 2023

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Warren Peay; Photo by ABC, American Idol

Warren Peay, an appliance repair technician, from Bamberg, South Carolina hopes to become the next American Idol and if his audition is any indication, he just might have a shot. 

In addition to being an appliance repairman, Peay also leads worship at his local church, which he says allows him to grow as a musician. He also admitted that he is very grateful for the opportunity to showcase his vocal abilities on Idol.

“Coming into American Idol, I truly feel like this is a game changer for me,” Peay shared ahead of his audition. “I want to get out and play as much as possible….make it a career. I think my church is super proud that I’m going, and I’m so glad to have that support behind me.”

Warren Peay; Photo by ABC, American Idol
Warren Peay; Photo by ABC, American Idol

Auditioned With “To The Table”

The 23-year-old, who is also an avid duck hunter, appeared in front of the American Idol judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie, and took his shot at a ticket to Hollywood with a countrified cover of Zach Williams’ 2016 song, “To The Table.”

Just before his performance, Peay joked, “I am a Maytag man.”

Perry said what everyone seemed to be thinking when she told him, “I thought you were Chris Stapleton’s brother.” 

Peay admitted, “I’ve been getting a lot of that.”


For his performance, Peay showcased his vocals as he strummed an acoustic guitar. The judges bobbed their heads along and spoke amongst themselves in the midst of his audition.  

“His voice cuts through,” Bryan said.

“FM Radio right there!” Richie added, acknowledging that Peay’s vocals are radio-ready.

At one point, Perry threw an arm up in the air.

The Judges Were Impressed

American Idol Judges; Photo by ABC, American Idol
American Idol Judges; Photo by ABC, American Idol

He earned a standing ovation as Luke Bryan proclaimed, “Well, that was badass.”  

“A Christian Chris Stapleton. Warren Woo,” Perry gushed. ”You walked in that door and I was like, please God, please God, answer our prayers, God. This guy looks the part. Please have him sound the part and you sound the freaking part.”

Perry added, “You are authentic, authentic!

“I sure try to be,” Peay said in response to the “Fireworks” singer. 

“You know, look, I like that song a lot. Just because you love the Lord doesn’t mean you don’t get angry. So I need to hear some of that too. I want to hear some of that with paired with that texture in the voice. Woo! That’s how you get rid of that anger is sing about it.”

“Warren, I’m going to make this very brief that is about this heading down the top 10 road that I ever heard in my whole life,” Richie said before his fellow Idol judges questioned, “are you saying that he’s Top 10 material?”

“I’m telling you he’s strong and he’s top 10,” Richie replied, Bryan and Perry agreed. 

“You’re going to shake this thing up,” Bryan told him. 

After praising Warren Peay’s Idol audition, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan voted. The constant earned three ‘yeses’ and advanced to Hollywood week. 

“What an incredible experience! Tonight I performed for the Idol judges and got the golden ticket to Hollywood!” Peay wrote on Instagram. ”Praise God for this amazing opportunity, and a huge shoutout and thank you to everyone who has supported me in starting this journey. Be Blessed!”

Viewers Praised His Performance

Peay’s audition had social media buzzing as many Idol viewers took to various platforms to praise the contestant. 

“@warrenpeaymusic stopped me dead in my tracks and zoned me into his voice. Had to watch it numerous times. Best I’ve ever heard! Has my vote #godfirst #AmericanIdol winner!!!” one viewer wrote, while another added, “Warren really does remind me of @ChrisStapleton. I like his voice.”

Other Idol fans took to social media to gush over Peay’s audition saying, “Top 10 for sure. Honestly, he could go all the way” and “@warrenpeaymusic got me crying!!! He’s got so much soul ❤️❤️❤️… Definitely could win this thing.”

American Idol airs every Sunday at 8/7c on ABC.

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